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10/40 Connections
Lunch Change offers a direct & powerful point of access for you to impact the slums of India. Slum revitalization in India addresses the issue of poverty with a holistic approach through starting schools. Children receive education, daily food, medical check-ups, love from their teachers, and Christian songs and stories. Of the 23 schools we have started, 20 are now sustained by local tithing (through 75 new house churches). Each school of 30 children costs $4,000 per year to run.
18ten Ministries
18ten is a faith-based charitable organization created to respond to the needs of orphans and other disadvantaged children in Central America. We enlist local churches and Christians to perform this work in the areas where they live. We want to bring glory to God by sharing the love of Jesus Christ in Central America.
25 Project
Children belong in families, not on the streets and not in institutions. The 25 Project works to see that the dream of a home and a family becomes a reality while continually pointing each child to a transforming relationship with Jesus. One small but significant way in which you can get involved with the 25 Project is “25 for 25.” Through an investment of only 25 cents a day (just $7.50/month), you can tangibly be a part of hope and healing to orphan and vulnerable children.
4KIDS of South Florida
4KIDS brings hope to babies, kids, teens, and young adults by providing safe and secure environments for healing, equipped parents and caregivers who are trained to love kids from hard places, essential resources to meet their physical needs, nurturing counsel to help them thrive, and a renewed sense of value in their hearts.
A Center of Hope CPC
Women’s Health and Wellness Clinic of Walton is a ministry dedicated to communicating truth to abortion-vulnerable women and families and offering compassionate care by providing life-affirming resources. Healthy Families Living Christ-Centered Lives, Practicing Purity, Pursuing and Promoting the Sanctity of Human Life.
A Child's Hope International
Many orphans and vulnerable children not only lack a loving family but the basic essentials to live. Your donation to our Orphan Care program will assist in places like Ghana where we are working on bringing sustainable help to villages. You will help provide items like: Hands Against Hunger™ high protein food, Safe drinking water through water purifiers, fresh water wells, or other sustainable programs Educational support (school fees, tuition, and basic school supplies) Vocational support
A Child's Hope International
There are many children who go hungry every weekend in the Cincinnati Area. For 200 children in extreme need we are providing a solution. Every weekend these children are provided Hope Sacks, which contain nutritious, easy to prepare for the weekend. These children are in deep need and would go hungry for the weekend without support. Your help means that children receive Hunger Free weekends which go a long way in providing stability for their families. Program to expand in 2023.
A Family for Every Orphan
A Family for Every Orphan believes that the best way to care for orphans is by placing them with loving Christian families. Currently, we have several projects that need funding. Your donations will help transform the lives of precious orphaned children and the brave families who making the move to foster/adopt.
Ability Tree
Ability Tree comes alongside individuals and families impacted by disability through R.E.S.T. (Recreation, Education, Support, Training). Our vision is to create inclusive and supportive communities where individuals and families affected by disability can enjoy healthy relationships in their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and churches.
Achungo Community Center
The Mission of Achungo Community Center in the U.S. is to partner with Achungo Children’s Centre and other leaders in Kenya to nurture and educate vulnerable children. The Achungo Children’s Centre (ACC) provides education, care, food, clothing and medical assistance for about 700 orphans and destitute children in rural southwest Kenya. Our schools are located near Homa Bay, Nyanza Province, just a few miles from Lake Victoria.
Action International Ministries
ACTION started working alongside small Filipino churches on the streets of Manila, ministering to street kids who had run away from home. From that small beginning, we have grown into an evangelical, interdenominational missionary-sending organization with workers in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
Adult & Teen Challenge, USA
Teen Challenge exists to evangelize and disciple teens and adults, trapped in addiction, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the most successful, residential, long term restoration ministry in the world, TC continues to build on its 59 year legacy by serving those in need regardless of race, religion, color or ethnicity. The national office exists to provide strategic leadership while functioning as a visionary resource agency for Teen Challenge centers in the USA.
Adult and Teen Challenge of Arkansas
Street Reach is an outreach program associated with Teen Challenge of Arkansas. The staff of Teen Challenge and students work with community volunteers to bring one week of games, Bible stories, music and fun to children living in public housing and low-income areas. Please give today to support this outreach program.
Advent Christian General Conference of America
Our vision is to love God and love others by making followers of Jesus Christ. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to ACGC today and allow us to continue to do this important kingdom work that God has put before us!
Advent Christian Village
Through Camp Suwannee, Advent Christian Village provides camping opportunities for mentally handicapped children, leadership camps for juniors and seniors in high school, and camping opportunities for children with financial needs.
Adventures in Missions
Orphans are close to the heart of Adventures In Missions, as we believe God cares deeply for the fatherless. Support our work in fulfilling James 1:27 by giving to the Orphan Fund.
African Children's Mission
At African Chil­dren’s Mission, we reach out to children in destitute circumstances, both physically and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to enable them to grow and develop in a secure environment. We use Christian values and principles as the foundation of our ministry and programs, guiding these children into a responsible, productive life, and discipling them through word and example.
African Children's Mission
For over two-decades, ACM has helped care for destitute children while sharing the true gospel with them. Over the years, we have seen many ACM sponsored children grow up to care for others the same way ACM cared for them. Additionally, ACM continues to provide deep discipleship and leadership training to local pastors and community members. Please visit our site to see what God is doing in and through ACM.
African Outreach Ministries
African Outreach Ministries oversees an orphan sponsorship program in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The program is for orphans who are living with their extended families. We do not have any orphanages. The program is designed to help the orphans with school uniforms and fees, medical expenses, and to be their advocate in all situations. The program helps about 200 orphans annually.
African Vision of Hope
African Vision of Hope is a Christian organization committed to bringing immediate and lasting solutions to impoverished children and families of Zambia. We confront the root causes of poverty by providing opportunities to be educated, grow up healthy, develop leadership, economic skills, and learn about God’s love. Your generous gift will be used to meet the most critical needs of African Vision of Hope, enabling the ministry to better serve children in extreme poverty.
Agape Children's Ministry
Since 1993, Agape Children's Ministry has been rescuing boys and girls from the streets of Kisumu, Kenya. You can join us in this work by sponsoring a bed (the Swahili word for bed is kitanda), where one of these rescued children now sleeps safely. The monthly cost of caring for one of our rescued boys or girls is $200. Your support will enable us to continue our work to rescue, redeem, rehabilitate, and reintegrate these beautiful children. Please join us!
Agape House
Upholding the Agape House promise to never turn away a child in need requires generosity of resources and gracious giving of time and talents. Fees for the services we offer are kept low and a sliding-fee scale is used based on family income level, but still we must rely on the support of our friends. Participation in our programs has helped girls overcome abuse, stop self-destructive behaviors, and grow in their self- esteem.
Agape International Children Ministries
We believe that the only hope for humanity is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Introducing someone to the transformative power of Jesus is the first step in their journey to new life. We boldly share about the love of Jesus in every project at AICM knowing that the greatest need we could ever meet is humanity's need for Jesus Christ.
Agape of Central Alabama
As a ministry of Jesus Christ, Agape’s mission is that vulnerable and orphaned children find permanency in safe, nurturing families. Since 1978, Agape has helped more than 2,000 children through foster care, and more than 250 children through the permanency of a Christian adoptive family. We have counseled hundreds of pregnant women facing unexpected pregnancies to make the best choice for their future and the baby’s future.
Agape Way
Many Chinese children live in extreme poverty in rural China villages and cannot afford school fees and tuition for public schools. With a little over $1 a day, you can sponsor a child for school expenses and partial living expenses. The sponsors can choose to communicate with their sponsored students and make a big difference in their lives. Sponsor a child today and make a difference in his/her life for eternity!
Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach
The support services of Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach have been in existence since 1997. We feel that if we are going to encourage a woman to choose life for her baby that we should also provide any means necessary to help her through her difficult times. Support APO as we continue to provide a place of hope and help in difficult times!
Aglow International
Young people involved in Generations Project are uniquely impacting their world for Jesus. They are using their creative gifts to touch hearts, interact with their communities, and mature in their relationships with God and one another. They conduct Bible studies, dance, worship, young moms groups, as well as creative and sharing groups and mission travel in different parts of the world.
All God's Children International
All God's Children International is providing shelter, care and love to orphans around the world. Your financial support will provide not only clean water, essential medical care, and a safe place to sleep for children who dream of a place to call home, but also the tools for life they need through play, sports, and creative expression.
All Kids Can Learn International
The School of Hope opened its doors to the community at the beginning of the 2012 school year. Now several years later, our goal is to expand the School of Hope to 600 students. Our rural area desperately needs more space for secondary education. Please donate today to help our school grow!
Alliance for Children Everywhere
Each Christmas we give the children in our rescue homes a Christmas party where they receive clothing and a toy along with a special meal with cake and ice cream and a jumping castle. We also give the staff and their families a chicken and bag of mealie meal and this year we want to give the families in our Milk and Medicine program a chicken, a bag of candy and a sharable toy, like a ball, to bless their Christmas. $20 covers one child and we have 255. Thank you!
Alliance for Children Everywhere
Seventy-five percent of Zambian young people never get beyond the seventh grade. We provide a solid educational foundation that includes Bible study, character building and moral ethics, transforming our students into productive citizens and Christian leaders. You can provide a scholarship for $200 annually. Sponsors receive a profile and picture. An update from your child is sent at the end of each three month term and you are invited to correspond further, if you desire.
Alliance for Children Everywhere
An orphaned or abandoned infant may have only hours to live. An older child faces abuse on the streets. For infants, we give 24/7 nursing care and for older children we give "intensive love" in two safe homes. Through donations and informed prayer and monthly updates, Safety Net Sponsors “adopt” a child. When your child moves into a family, you share the joy – and get to “adopt” another child who also needs extra care through a crisis time.
Alliance for Children Everywhere
Chronic hunger is epidemic in Zambia where many families can only manage to eat once a day, or even every other day. $20 provides supplemental food for a child. This critical help is given to display the Love of Jesus Christ. Please indicate "feeding" on the comments section of the donate page on our website
Alpha International Ministries
We support local believers by training and sustaining a local leader and their efforts to reach hard pressed communities. We create healthy communities through providing poverty-stricken children with biblical teaching and a first-class education, we are reaching communities with the gospel and helping to break the cycle of poverty.
Alternate Avenues Women's Resource Center
When you know the value each life has, you can’t help but join in. Assure is dedicated to providing a way for you to make a difference. Join other supporters who care about the unborn and have decided to do something
Alternatives Medical Clinic
Alternatives Women's Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Alternatives mission is to provide medical medical and educational services that empower women and men to make life affirming choices concerning pregnancy and sexual health. Our vision is to be the first choice for those facing an unplanned pregnancy and sexual health decisions. AWC is a fully licensed medical clinic. Services are free, staffed with 11 employees and 25 vol. We are financed by gifts from individuals and churches.
Alton Bay Campmeeting Association
Also doing business under Alton Bay Christian Conference Center, we have created a place where Chiristians can refuel, connect and grow together. Please consider your contributions to this ministry as we help people seek the Father and Holy Spirit's voice in a safe spiritual oasis. If you wish to give to Alton Bay please contact us at or call 603-875-6161.
Amazima Ministries International
Our sponsorship program is focused on providing the opportunity for children in the Buziika area to receive education, nutrition, and medical care that would otherwise not be available to them. Each child is also assigned a mentor, a trained social worker who monitors their growth, makes sure all their needs are being met, and builds an encouraging relationship with his or her family. We share God's love with these children and help disciple them in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Ambassadors Football
Ambassadors Football began as Ambassadors In Sport (AIS) in Bolton, England. The ministry was founded by a group called Missionary Athletes International focused from the beginning to partner with churches and Christian organizations to develop grassroots football ministry. Ambassadors Football exists and continues to grow through the generous donations of people like yourself. Please join us in reaching the world for Christ.
Ambassadors for Christ - Paradise, PA
We at Ambassadors for Christ are grateful for the many dedicated and faithful people who support this ministry financially. It is through God’s grace and the partnership of AFC supporters, their gifts and prayers, AFC is able to reach and disciple Chinese intellectuals in even more campuses in the US and expand the campus ministry to Europe. Please prayerfully consider giving to the ministries of AFC today.
America World Adoption Association (AWAA)
At America World Adoption Association, we believe that every Christian is called to provide hope to orphans. Many feel this call strongly resonate with their hearts, but don't know where to begin. AWAA is here to help you bridge that gap from desire to orphan care. Whether processing identity legal paperwork for children or giving practical living supplies to orphans or providing a plane ticket home to older children, AWAA is excited to partner with you as you become an orphan advocate.
American Association of Christian Schools
Quality Christian education is a primary goal of AACS member schools. Outstanding educational programs are offered by AACS to help member schools enrich their academic programs. These include school accreditation, teacher certification, achievement testing, and others. The AACS is dedicated to quality, innovation, and excellence in education. Please donate today to help Christian schools enhance their academic programs.
American Bible Society
Poor reading skills are linked to crime, poverty and homelessness. You can help children in low-income neighborhoods build a foundation for a bright future by teaching them to read through our 16-week Bibles-based reading program. Your gift provides Bibles, Bible-based reading materials, teacher training and more to reach the hearts and souls of America’s children.
American Bible Society
In India, orphanages are crowded with millions of precious, abandoned children. These boys and girls need assurance that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them. You can provide illustrated Bibles and share the promise that He has a plan to give them a future of hope (Jeremiah 29.11, CEV).
American Bible Society
“Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so.” Millions of children around the world can’t sing that song because they don’t know that Jesus loves them. Your gift will provide Children’s Bibles to smiling young faces all over the world. Children around the world will receive the special gift that tells them “Yes, Jesus loves them.”
American Bible Society
Last year, 50 million people went hungry at some point because they couldn’t afford to buy food. That’s one of every six Americans. Day after day, more hurting souls turn to the American Bible Society for help. Your gift today will help provide physical and spiritual nourishment in the form of food and Bibles for hundreds of thousands of children and their families in some of America’s most impoverished communities.
American Friends of International China Concern
Our Community Outreach Project is taking huge steps to prevent abandonment in China. The project offers urgent support to parents of children with high needs by giving them the essential tools and skills they will need to provide care. We offer support groups, physical therapy, respite services, advocacy for education and vocational training opportunities.
American Heritage Girls
The American Heritage Girls' message, program, deliverability and effectiveness has been proven over the past twenty years. The AHG National Growth initiative is based on creating volunteer Leadership Teams in each community to enhance membership growth, program delivery and volunteer engagement. Funds are needed to train and provide support to Leadership Team members.
Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis is a non-profit ministry sustained by God's grace through the faithful prayers and generous gifts of our supporters. Please prayerfully consider partnering with this Bible-proclaiming ministry!
As Our Own
Our dream is for each child to attend college and training well beyond high school. In India, education earns you more than a diploma-it unlocks the door to the future. And as parents, we want to plan ahead for their futures by investing in their college savings fund. We need many gifts ranging from $500-$5,000, so we can prepare now to send our daughters to college.
Asha Partners
GFM's schools and education programs enable holistic, self-sustaining change in marginalized and impoverished communities. These free schools also bring the opportunity for the Good News to be shared with villagers as relationships of trust and gratitude are built. Education and the Gospel work hand in hand. What a better way to help a child, than to equip them both for this life, and eternity?
Asheville Christian Academy
Asheville Christian Academy (ACA) is an independent, non-denominational Christian school for students in K4 through grade 12 located outside of Asheville, NC. We seek to glorify God by helping Christian parents provide their children with an excellent education distinguished by a Biblical perspective resulting in a thoroughly Biblical world and life view. Founded in 1958, ACA is fully accredited and provides a liberal arts, college preparatory curriculum for over 580 students from 6 counties.
Aslan Youth Ministries
The mission of Aslan Youth Ministries is to provide relationship-based programs that permanently impact the bodies, minds, and spirits of disadvantaged urban children. Through Christ's love, our young people overcome their negative environments and circumstances and learn to live successful and productive lives. Please consider contributing your time and resources to this mission, and help us change the world one child at a time!
ASON International
Our development project needs a place for teams to stay while they are building and ministering to the Frafra people in Ghana. We hope to complete this as well as the well and septic field by the end of this year. We need $30,000 for this Guest House alone.
Association for Biblical Higher Education
Association for Biblical Higher Education exists to enhance the quality and credibility of higher educational institutions that engage students in biblical, transformational, experiential, and missional higher education. Please consider your contributions to this association to help engage students in their biblical transformations.
Awana Clubs International
Praying with our children at bedtime and teaching songs like Jesus Loves Me. For many parents in China, these are revolutionary ideas, but ideas they want to hear and learn about. That is why we are so excited about the ministry that God is opening up to Awana in China.
Back2Back Ministries
By supporting our India programs, you provide a way for the children to break the cycle of poverty from which they come, and you give hope of a brighter future, not only to the children, but to the world they will impact! We are currently working with hundreds of children in a children's home.
Bair Lake Bible Camp
Help a child go to summer camp by providing the funds for a week of camp. Any amount you can give will go toward lodging, activities, and meals along with spiritual teaching so they may hear the good news of Jesus Christ.
Bair Lake Bible Camp
Provide a gift to support the ministry of Christian camping - Bair Lake Bible Camp exists as a launching pad for all people to make Jesus Christ known in their community, country and world. Do you want to help youth and adults hear about Jesus? Thank you for your support and prayers!
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
Emmanuel Home of Protection was opened in 2008 in Diriamba, Nicaragua and cares for young girls that have been victims of abuse. At the Emmanuel Home, they receive all the necessities of life, security, and a double portion of love! Led by full-time BMDMI Missionaries, the Emmanuel Home provides a safe environment where young ladies receive spiritual, emotional, and psychological support.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
The Good Shepherd Children's Home (GSCH) in Honduras is home to more than 100 children in Honduras that have been abused or abandoned. The GSCH provides medical, dental, nutritional, educational, psychological, and spiritual care to the children.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
The Good Shepherd Christian Academy (GSCA) is dedicated to providing a high quality, bilingual education to students. The GSCA houses 13 classrooms and serves more than 130 students, including those who are residents of BMDMI's Good Shepherd Children's Home.
Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International
The Mount of Olives Christian School serves more than 350 students enrolled from preschool through high school in San Gregario, Nicaragua. Students are offered the chance to move ahead with a quality, Christ-centered education as well as the tools needed to grow into productive citizens.
At Baptist Children's Home, we bring hope to hurting and troubled children and families, striving to teach them how to live godly in spite of painful or seemingly unfair circumstances. We provide this hope through group home and foster home care for children, Christian family and/or personal counseling, adoptive services, and care for pre-born children. In short, if it affects the family, BCH is there to help.
BCM International
The 4-14 Window is defined as that window of opportunity between the ages of four to fourteen when more than 85% of Christians make their decision to follow Christ. With more than 2 billion children falling into this category and almost half the world’s population under 21, BCM International has made this strategic 4-14 Window the central focus of its ministry since beginning as the Bible Club Movement in 1936. We are committed to partnering with local churches to reach children for Christ.
BCS Together
Our mission is to partner with the Church and community to tangibly support kids and families in the foster system while advocating to keep the biological family together. We exist to connect those we serve with caring members of our incredible BCS community: churches, businesses, agencies, nonprofits, volunteers, and donors. Our hope is to bring the light of Jesus to all those we serve and work alongside.
Bethania Foundation
Sponsor a Child! Just $30 a month helps provide one child with the basic necessities for development: food, shelter, education, clothing and medical care in a safe and loving environment. We also provide scholarships and support for advanced education in both vocational schools and college, which help break the chain of poverty for future generations. Our Women’s Empowerment centers offer training in trade skills, empowering women to contribute to their families’ limited financial resource
BethanyKids heals African children and transforms lives through pediatric surgery in Kenya, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. Children can, through surgery, gain independence and a chance to succeed in life. BethanyKids has provided surgery for more than 16,000 children since we began work in 2004. Many of these children can now attend school and will have jobs someday, rather than requiring someone else to care for them for the rest of their lives.
BethanyKids provides physical and occupational therapy to 275 primary school students at the School for the Physically Disabled in Thika, Kenya. It also obtains and custom fits wheelchairs for those students needing one.
Bethel Bible Village
If you share the value that every innocent and neglected or abused child should have a temporary place of refuge until his or her family can again adequately protect them and if you value the added spiritual benefit of the nurturing and protection that trained and supported Christian substitute parents and counselors can provide for these children then you should consider channeling your financial resources to help these children of families in crisis through Bethel Bible Village.
Bethel Bible Village
Bethel Christian Academy provides students who have experienced crisis with a therapeutic environment to help them get back on-track towards earning a high school degree. BCA serves teen moms and students with academic, emotional and behavioral issues. BCA is accredited and provides a small classroom environment to allow individualized attention to meet each student's needs. Social workers, counselors and therapists assist to help students achieve success.
Bethel Ministries
The Bethel Orphanage in India has 200 children currently enrolled. The orphanage provides food, shelter, and education for children from kindergarten through 12th grade. Your contribution to the orphanage will help further the goals of the orphanage in developing young minds for the glory of God. Just $25 will support a child for a month. Many of our children have graduated successfully from college and are contributing to their homes and greater society.
Bible2School is committed to its vision for every child to have an opportunity to attend a Bible class during their school day, because we beleive every child needs to hear Biblical Truth
Bibles for the World
Take the first step today in changing a child’s life forever. For nearly 60 years, Bibles For The World has been spreading God’s Word and providing Christian education for desperate children. These are poverty-stricken children in some of the most remote areas of Northeast India who are in urgent need of your love and help.
Bill Glass Ministries dba Bill Glass Behind the Walls
Behind the Walls partners with churches to train Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ. Then BGBTW takes teammates (volunteers) into prisons/jails/juvenile facilities to share the Gospel one on one with inmates. Teammates are trained and given materials to use in this outreach. This is front line evangelism and many believers who have never led anyone to Christ are ecstatic to be with other believers and share the joy of leading the "least of these" to Jesus!
Blessman International
Blessman International is involved in the distribution of food and providing food for 7,500 children weekly in South Africa.
Blessman International
Donations can take on many forms. We are looking for sewn items such as tassel tied fleece blankets, clothing, rag dolls, eyeglass cases etc. Patterns for many of these items are available on our website as well as information on where to send them. If you can sew, you can bless a child in need!
Blood:Water Mission
We strive to end the water crisis in sub-Saharan Africa through multi-year granting partnerships with African organizations. Our funding of projects includes: Improving community care and support services for individuals and families living with HIV; Offering HIV testing and counseling to allow people to begin treatment and take steps to live positively; Allowing future generations to be born free of HIV through programs that prevent the spread of the virus from mothers to their unborn babies
BlueSky Global Ministries
BlueSky Global Ministries' vision is to see the multinational community of Nairobi, Kenya, spiritually transformed and equipped to influence the world for God's glory. We pursue this by building relationships through adventure, using three core platforms: BlueSky Adventures (rock climbing gym and team building), Camp BlueSky, and BlueSky Community (year-round relational ministry).
Both Hands Foundation
A Both Hands Project helps people to raise funds for orphans while serving a widow through home improvement projects. A team of volunteers request sponsorship for their day of service. The money raised through sponsorship goes toward funding adoptions and orphan care initiatives.
Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center
The Boulder Pregnancy Resource Center supports and empowers women facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy with confidential, compassionate help, professional medical care, and accurate information. We are here to help you with all your options in making a healthy informed decision.
Bright Hope International
According to the World Health Organization, “About 830 women die from pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications around the world every day.” In under-resourced nations, many hospitals will not admit a woman in labor if she does not bring her own delivery kit. As a result, these women must deliver their babies at home without proper tools or sanitation. When you give a Mama Kit, you can help provide a safe and hygienic birth environment for both mom and baby. Each labor and delivery
Bright Hope International
$10 brings God’s Word to life for a child in need! Our partner church in Bolivia hosts monthly Children’s Bible Clubs that draw both churched and unchurched children. As part of this program, each child receives their own copy of a Bible storybook. For just $10, you can give a child Hope today and invest in their eternity.
But God Ministries
The Bread of Life (Pen Lavi) Malnutrition Center is located in Ganthier, Haiti. Children with severe acute malnutrition need very specialized daily care to get better. Before Pen Lavi opened, malnourished patients were sent 2 hours away to an unfamiliar place. Parents had difficulty visiting and could not receive needed nutrition education and counseling. Pen Lavi and its staff help these children heal physically, and educate and encourage parents while sharing the love of Jesus.
By The Hand Club For Kids
Individuals are needed who are willing to contribute financially to help make a difference for generations to come. When you partner with By The Hand, you are helping kids realize their full potential--academically, physically and spiritually. Don't underestimate the impact that your gift can have in the life of a child nor the influence that a transformed life can have throughout a community in need. Your support can make a difference for generations to come.
By The Hand Club For Kids
By The Hand is an afterschool program that emphasizes academics and is committed to nurturing the whole child - mind, body and soul. Our goal is to literally and figuratively take kids by the hand and walk alongside them from the time they enroll in our program until they're adults walking independently. We are strategically located in four of Chicago's most impoverished neighborhoods where underfunded schools abound (Cabrini-Green, Altgeld-Gardens, Austin, and Englewood).
Byelorussian Mission
It has been estimated by the Belarus government that 90% of children growing up in institutionalized social milieu will become institutionalized by adulthood either in prison or mental facilities. Consequently, their children will then have to be institutionalized, creating a never-ending cycle. What we are doing is placing orphans in Christian families. This allows the children to be exposed to a family lifestyle and, even more importantly, to be brought to church on Sunday.
Byelorussian Mission
To plant new churches in cities in Belarus and Ukraine where no evangelical church presently exists. To work with orphanages to head off a looming sociological disaster when an entire generation of young adults, who have known nothing but an institutional social background, will be unleashed on the Belarus/Ukraine society. To reach young adults at the University and High School level and bring them the Gospel message of Jesus’ saving grace.
Calvary Church of Santa Ana
Support families in our church who feel called to adopt, as well as aid foster and orphan care initiatives locally and globally.
Camp Alandale
Send an abused child to a Christian Camp where they will hear about the life-changing and healing reality of Jesus Christ and be equipped to have meaningful and productive lives. It costs $360 a year to send an abused child to camp in the summer and to a follow-up weekend in the winter. That's only $1 per day. We serve 300 abused children each summer and winter at our camp in the mountains near Big Bear, CA. Over 4,000 abused children have heard the message of life in Jesus.
Camp Eagle
Help provide the funds to get a kid to camp! We provide scholarships for kids in need and your support is vital to the success of this program. Thank you for your generosity!
Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je Association
It is our mission that everyone would learn to say the words of the song this camp is named for, "I'd rather have Jesus than anything!" Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je is established for the sole purpose of winning souls to Jesus Christ through the spreading of the gospel, the edifying of believers through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, and the evangelizing of campers through witnessing and missions. Please consider supporting Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je so we can help benefit so many churches and schools
Camp Lebanon
Since camper fees cover only about 75% of the cost to attend camp, it takes an army of folks who believe in the life-changing mission of Camp Lebanon to help make up the difference. Would you consider making Camp Lebanon part of your monthly charitable giving priorities? Streamlined Partnership makes it easy!
Camp Nathanael
Camp Nathanael is a place for boys and young men to get away from the distractions of their daily lives. A place where boys can have strong role models, grow in maturity, deepen their spiritual life and develop new skills.
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central N.Y.
Each year we provide hundreds of free ultrasound scans to confirm pregnancy at six of our eight centers. We would love to upgrade four of our older machines to newer technology. Thank you in advance if you choose to support this campaign.
Care Net Resource Pregnancy Centers
ServantMatch Care Net is a nonprofit on a mission to bring practical help and hope in Jesus Christ to women facing pregnancy decisions. Will you join us and speak up for those who cannot speak (Proverbs 31:8)-- unborn children in the womb--by bringing truth and care to their mothers and families? As a LIFE DEFENDER, your faithful monthly gift of $25, $50, $100 or gift of your choosing allows Care Net to provide free evidence-based medical services, time with counselors, and the light of Christ.
Care Pregnancy Center
The Care Pregnancy Center empowers individuals to make informed, life-changing decisions by providing facts, confidentiality, emotional support, and practical assistance. Our vision is to create a culture where abortion is unthinkable. Our mission is to reduce the number of abortions by offering life affirming support and education in an accepting environment. Please consider supporting us today.
Care Women's Center
With the support of Care Net and its network of pregnancy centers, people facing unplanned pregnancies are choosing life and hope everyday. Without the generosity of so many people and businesses, the ministry of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Greater Concord would not be possible.
CareCenter Ministries
ACTS focuses on specific apartment complexes in the Pleasant Grove area. Our vision for these families is to provide them with an assortment of programs that will help transform their community through hands-on relational interaction. Outreaches help every Saturday during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Donations will be used for equipment and supplies needed to carry out the outreaches.
CareCenter Ministries
The CareCenter Community Center provides a nurturing environment for our community where youth can find faith­-based activities that seek to promote positive development through relationship, mentorship and discipleship. We seek to empower the youth through services including an After-School Program, summer and holiday camps, sports leagues and mentorship curriculum.Your donations will help build our program to make the most impact possible for these youth.
Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf
Your sponsorship will provide teaching staff, food, clothing, and access to medical treatment. You will receive a letter from your child several times a year and can write to them as well. Sponsorship starts at $32.00 per month.
Caring Families Pregnancy Services
Caring Families Pregnancy Services offers support to women who are pregnant by providing pregnancy tests, classes, abstinence education, options counseling, ultrasound, community referrals, parenting classes, sexual integrity program and post abortion support. Contact us at 860-450-8073
Caring Hearts Ministry
Children in orphanages often have nowhere to go when they begin to “age out” of the orphanage system. Many, lacking a way to make a living, turn to crime. To create a better future for teenagers in Mexico, the Oasis Boys Home was built in 2006. The Oasis Boys Home is a vocational school and residential home for boys ages 12-18. In addition to family meals, chores and school, Pedro Alvarado Olguin and his wife, Fran teach the boys various skills to equip them to be successful, productive adults.
Caring Solutions of Central Georgia
Caring Solutions began in 1984 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that delivers compassionate services to women and their partners facing unplanned pregnancies in a nationally-accredited healthcare setting. We strive daily to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing unplanned pregnancies and have multiple locations to serve our patients. We have recorded over 48,000 visits and are dedicated to helping as many people as possible.
Catalyst Ministries
Catalyst has developed partnerships with local indigenous leaders who are working with abused and exploited women to help them find freedom, to show them their worth, and to equip them with the skills needed in their new life.
Cedar Ridge Children's Home & School
Our Special Education Program is committed to serving the educational needs of male students in grades 2-12 who are unable to function in a regular, public school setting. Eligibility for services due to these needs is determined by the assessments and the referring public school system’s IEP Team. Please call (301) 582-0282 to donate.
CEFF (Chinese Education Freedom Fund)
At the Chinese Education Freedom Fund (CEFF), our mission is to advance God’s Kingdom by developing Christ-centered, classical curriculum and teacher training resources for K-12 education in China.
Center For Christian Growth
We're excited about partnering with people who have a heart for kids and understand the life-changing impact the camping ministry can offer people of all ages. We have a big vision to grow and serve in Texas and would love for you to jump in!
Center for Christian Study
Because most of our services are free and we do not receive funding from the University, 74% of our annual income comes from individual contributions. We need your support to sustain the daily work of the Center as we strategically consider new opportunities for faith and learning, as well as ways to strengthen existing programs.
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
Donate and become a CPYU Ministry Partner today! The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers.
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
Providing information and resources for parents, youth workers and educators to help kids navigate their digital world.
Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation
Central Detroit Christian CDC provides a variety of youth and family programs including tutoring, leadership development, club programs, mentoring/discipleship, cultural enrichment, computer training, nutrition and cooking, gardening, employment training and placement, business development, housing counseling, home repair, housing rehabilitation, community outreaches and more! Our vision is to see our community made whole... donate today!
Central India Christian Mission
CICM’s continued outreach to the people of India is completely dependent upon God’s blessings and the prayers and resources from faithful partners. Will you consider being a part of CICM’s ministry? Your help can make a difference in the life of a child, a family who needs to hear about Christ, a patient at CICM’s hospital, an evangelist who needs your prayers.
Central Indiana Youth for Christ
Since beginning in 1944, Youth for Christ has been changing lives and making a difference. YFC's efforts have made a positive contribution to the social and spiritual well-being of teens in our area. Never before has the need to help young people been so great. Our structure allows for many opportunities to help young people through financial contributions combining tax advantages and Christian service.
Chariots for Hope
Chariots for Hope exists to honor God by loving, nurturing, and providing for vulnerable and orphaned children by leading and sustaining holistically healthy children's homes in Kenya. We seek to provide these children with opportunity and hope so that they develop into exemplary citizens, leaders, and followers of Jesus Christ. We invest in them through social, emotional, and spiritual care as well as education that goes far beyond just primary school.
Cherish Uganda
Cherish Uganda is a faith-based nonprofit organization that focuses on creating hope and a future for children with HIV/AIDS.
Chestnut Mountain Ranch
The need is great, and we need your help. This is a crucial time for the Ranch as we seek to expand our capacity to better serve these boys and reunite them with their families. It is easy to feel as though you must give in a big way to make a difference… this simply is not the case. Donations of any kind can help make a lasting impact on a young life.
Child Bridge
The reality is that there are not enough families stepping up to care for these innocent children. We bridge the gap by finding foster families who will do the hard work of caring for the vulnerable, whether a child’s need is a few days, a few months or forever.
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Equipping is the second pillar in the CEF strategy to reach Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day. Equipping provides the tools needed for trained men and women to effectively evangelize and disciple the next generation. Materials provided include both resources for those trained and for the children to help them grow in their faith.
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Supporting is the third and final pillar in the CEF strategy. Supporting provides resources which allow trained and equipped men and women to maintain focus on the important task of evangelizing and (SPAN) program which provides financial support to nearly 1,000 workers in 130 countries where personal support raising is difficult or impossible. SPAN recipients are national workers who know the language and culture and are best equipped to reach their communities for Christ.
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Training is an integral part of CEF's mission. Each year we train over 350,000 people worldwide in how to effectively evangelize and disciple boys and girls.
Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maryland
God has raised up CEF to evangelize the children, disciple them in the Word of God, and to establish them in local Bible believing churches. Will you invest in the eternal souls of boys and girls? Your one-time or recurring tax deductible donation will allow us to keep the ministry growing and see young lives transformed by the power of the Gospel every day.
Child Evangelism Fellowship of South Carolina
CEF wants to reach the children with the Gospel so that "not one of these little ones should perish" (Matthew 18:14). Among many goals, we aim to help each area reach every public school with the Gospel through an After-School Good News Club and expand this ministry into South Carolina housing projects and community centers. Join the movement to put prayer and God's Word back in schools. Everyone can be a part - pray, give and go.
Child Hope International
Research and scripture confirm that children belong in families. Sadly, of the 32,000 children who live in orphanages in Haiti, 80% of them have families. The main reason for family separation is poverty. With the proper support, most of these families could care for their children in a loving home. Child Hope International is working to reconcile and reunify children living in orphanages with their families, by providing support and hope.
Childcare Worldwide
Provide help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity. Not only will your child have food, clean water and access to medical care as needed, they will receive an education that leads to employment, giving them the skills to provide for themselves. In addition, your child will hear about Jesus and be trained to have Christ-like character. For only $40 per month, you can radically change a child's life. Sponsor a child today!
Childcare Worldwide
Bibles are a “luxury” for poor families simply trying to survive. Often multiple families must share a single Bible. But for just $16 you can give a child their very own Bible to help them grow and learn about Jesus.
Childcare Worldwide
Right now, hundreds of children are drinking dirty water. They risk pain, disease and even death with every sip, but they have no other options. Thankfully, you can help! You can help build clean water tanks and distribute water filters to families in need. Each gift will save children hours of hard labor, and transform the community’s health. Through our church partners, your gift will even help introduce children to the Living Water found in Jesus!
Childcare Worldwide
Easter Parties are an incredible opportunity to tangibly demonstrate hope and joy to a child in need. Each celebration reminds a child how precious they are – both to a caring person like you and to Jesus, who loved them enough to die on the cross. At each Easter Party, children experience singing, fun games, and special refreshments that remind them of the joy that happens because of Jesus. They will each get a special devotional book that will encourage them to grow in their faith. More import
Childcare Worldwide
Sometimes a child loses their sponsor. When that happens, we can’t bear to see their education or discipleship interrupted. Your gift will “fill in the gap,” supporting a child until a new sponsor can be found. Thanks to you, they can continue working towards a brighter future and growing in faith. $480 will ensure a child can stay in school and continue their discipleship for a full year.
Childcare Worldwide
You can share a meal with impoverished children for just $1 per meal! Each meal strengthens their health, helps them focus better in school, and improves their quality of life. Best of all, each meal opens the door to sharing the Gospel! Give a meal today to help them thrive both physically and spiritually.
Childcare Worldwide
In poor communities, many families live in make-shift shelters of corrugated metal and scrap wood. But for an average of just $5,500 you can give a family a new start in life. With a stable foundation, solid walls, and even electricity, this is a fully functional and furnished home – including bunk beds for the kids!
Childcare Worldwide
Without access to running water, there are thousands of children who are forced to gather water from muddy, contaminated ponds or purchase it from unreliable, unpurified sources. And this dirty water is destroying their lives. Water-borne diseases prevent them from attending school and their Life Centers, and can even threaten their very lives. Thankfully, there is a simple solution! A household water filter can clean even the dirtiest water, leaving it completely safe to drink! And YOUR G
Childcare Worldwide
Send a child to a Life Center to introduce them to the best gift of all: Jesus! At our Life Centers, children meet weekly for a day of fun, but more importantly, for a day of discipleship. Through Bible study, songs and games, our curriculum helps them connect Biblical principles to their day-to-day life, and helps them walk closer with Jesus every day. A gift of any amount will help a child's faith grow. You can support a child in this program for just $5 a month, or $60 for an entire yea
Childcare Worldwide
With this gift, you’re providing a healthy meal for a child at one of our Life Centers. For many, it is the best meal they have all week, full of the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. But more importantly, each meal removes the pain and distraction of hunger! By filling their bellies you’re helping them focus and engage better in our spiritual development curriculum, and walk closer with Jesus!
Childcare Worldwide
Beat the buzz! Mosquito nets are one of our most powerful tools in fighting deadly diseases like malaria and yellow fever. These specially treated mosquito nets repel the pesky, dangerous bugs, while keeping kids safe and snug in their beds. $16 provides one mosquito net.
Childcare Worldwide
Many of our sponsored children have large families with several siblings. It’s such a joy when a child gets sponsored and is able to attend a Life Center, but often this leaves their siblings back at home. However, we want to be sure that EVERY child gets support. For just $20/mo you can provide a sibling with access to a Life Center where they will hear the Gospel of Jesus, receive clean water, and a nutritious meal. If you are interested in a 1-to-1 writing relationship that provides education
Childcare Worldwide
Your gift to our Starfish Medical Fund provides critical medical care for children whose families can’t afford it. From casts for broken legs, to life-saving surgeries, to crucial antibiotics, the Starfish Fund restores health to children in desperate need. $100 provides life-saving medical care.
Childcare Worldwide
Help Childcare Worldwide effectively and efficiently get food and care to children who need it most. With a donation of $50 or even $100, you can have a valuable impact on the lives of children in need.
Children of Grace
Children of Grace works primarily through child sponsorship. Sponsors commit to paying an annual or monthly amount to support an AIDS orphan living in Uganda. Sponsorship provides children with access to an education, healthcare and nutrition.
Children of Mexico
Support at-risk (abandoned, orphaned, and/or abused) children at Niños de Mexico. Children grow up in a safe, healthy, Christian environment. They receive a quality education up through the university level. They transition into society as mature, educated, and productive Christian adults in professional areas or full-time ministry.
Children of Promise
Children of Promise offers food, education, health care, and spiritual nurture to over 4,500 children in 29 countries. Sponsors generously give to support their children monthly at $32, $38, or $50. COP retains 20% to "make it all happen." This covers about 50% of the funds necessary to run the ministry. We must depend upon individuals, groups, and churches to help us provide the remaining funds to operate the ministry. Please consider supporting the "Making It All Happen" Fund.
Children of Promise
Each child receives basic health care benefits as part of their sponsorship through Children of Promise. However, sometimes a child has a special medical need that cannot be met by the monthly sponsorship amount such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, or special optical issues. This fund allows us to offer this medical assistance when otherwise it would not be possible. It also covers such things as assistance to sponsored children in the event of natural disasters or unusual emergencies.
Children of Promise
As an international child sponsorship program in 29 countries, Children of Promise periodically faces the issue of sponsors who cannot continue to sponsor their children in need. Rather than stop the children's benefits (food, schooling, health care, and spiritual nurture), we utilize the Unsponsored Children Fund to cover their benefits until we find new sponsors. This provides stability and continuity to the children's experience. Monthly sponsorship amounts are $32, $38, and $50.
Children of Promise International
Through partnerships with individuals, churches, ministries, businesses, corporations, and foundations, Children of Promise International provides 24-hour care of orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished children in loving faith-based children’s homes. This involves complete nutrition, Christian education, medical needs, clothing, shelter, and all that is necessary for the Godly upbringing of children. Give today and touch the life of a child!
Children Rescue Mission
Children Rescue Mission is an interdenominational Christian mission called by God to serve the Nepali people. Established in 2006, it is our passion to share the gospel, rescue at-risk children in Nepal from poverty and educate young people and their parents about the dangers of human trafficking. We do this primarily by starting, equipping and mobilizing Christian churches and through child sponsorships.
Children to Love International
Children to Love International was born out of a call to respond to the plight of orphaned and abandoned children in Romania in the early 1990’s. CTL began working with orphanage officials to facilitate international adoptions and to meet the immediate needs of children who could not exit the system. Since then, CTL’s impact has multiplied and expanded to India, Uganda, Ukraine and Thailand. Please consider partnering with us to provide hope for suffering children in the name of Jesus.
Children's Cup
CarePoint Christmas is one of Children’s Cup’s biggest projects. Each November and December, we throw HUGE Christmas parties for all the children at our CarePoints. For some kids, this is the most fun they will have all year and for many of them, it’s the first time they hear about Jesus. When you give to CarePoint Christmas, you help "throwaway" kids become world changers! Other giving opportunities include meal programs, educational scholarships, clean water projects and more.
Children's Hope
Currently, Children’s Hope cares for 50 children at our children’s home, provides education to over 1,200 children, serves over 4000 people through our medical clinic, and engages and serves over 5000 community members in some way through our short-term mission teams. Your donation will help us shine the light of hope in Haiti as we care for children, strengthen families, and serve communities.
Children's HopeChest
Children's HopeChest responds to God's desire to create a world where every orphan knows Him, experiences the blessing of family, and acquires the skills necessary for independent life. Please donate today to help a child in need.
Children's Hunger Fund
Disasters come in many forms. Children’s Hunger Fund is in close contact with our partners around the world and assessing the needs of the community following disaster. Children’s Hunger Fund has responded with food and other resources to natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, volcanoes, and drought as well as providing emergency relief during the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.
Children's Hunger Fund
With the help of an automatic, monthly gift, Hope Partners provide stability to our church partners, allowing pastors to reach suffering families in their communities all year long.