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Advancing Native Missions
More than 3 billion people around the world have not even heard the gospel message. They don't live near a church, there is no pastor in their community, and they may not even know a single Christian. Compassionate Christians like you are changing that by giving to ANM. Every day, the gospel is reaching someone for the very first time, giving them hope and transforming their life. You can share that hope with someone today.
Adventures in Missions
Help families strengthen their bond and develop a "Great Commission-oriented" family mindset by serving together on the mission field for a week.
Aglow International
The Global Leader Development section of the Aglow website contains current and strategic materials for developing todays champions, warriors and global leaders. You will find transcripts for messages, links to order DVDs, and teaching materials that will boost your upgrades! In addition there is a section of free materials that contain over 120 Bible studies in many different languages plus much more. Aglow excels in leader development and makes many leader resources available free.
Al Hayat Ministries
Every donation given to missions, every prayer and service given for God's kingdom, is of great importance! The sharing of God's word always produces fruit. We stand by God's promise: "Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."
American Bible Society
Do you love to tell the “. . . old, old story of Jesus and His love?” Give a Bible-A-Month Partnership to your loved one and send a Bible every month in their honor to people all over the world who are eager to know His truth. You’ll put God’s Word into the hands of people who have never even seen a Bible and share the hope of His eternal love.
American Bible Society
Poor reading skills are linked to crime, poverty and homelessness. You can help children in low-income neighborhoods build a foundation for a bright future by teaching them to read through our 16-week Bibles-based reading program. Your gift provides Bibles, Bible-based reading materials, teacher training and more to reach the hearts and souls of America’s children.
American Bible Society
In India, orphanages are crowded with millions of precious, abandoned children. These boys and girls need assurance that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them. You can provide illustrated Bibles and share the promise that He has a plan to give them a future of hope (Jeremiah 29.11, CEV).
American Bible Society
Faith in China is exploding! Yet, millions of Chinese believers still do not have Bibles. Sometimes, a single Bible is shared by 100 people! And that's why this opportunity to help provide God's Word is critical. Your gift today can help end the China Bible famine.
American Bible Society
“Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so.” Millions of children around the world can’t sing that song because they don’t know that Jesus loves them. Your gift will provide Children’s Bibles to smiling young faces all over the world. Children around the world will receive the special gift that tells them “Yes, Jesus loves them.”
American Bible Society
Last year, 50 million people went hungry at some point because they couldn’t afford to buy food. That’s one of every six Americans. Day after day, more hurting souls turn to the American Bible Society for help. Your gift today will help provide physical and spiritual nourishment in the form of food and Bibles for hundreds of thousands of children and their families in some of America’s most impoverished communities.
American Bible Society
Times are tough for those who have a family member serving in the military halfway around the world. You can give comfort and hope through our Military Essential E100 Bible. The Bible comes with a 100-day reading guide, so families here at home will have the comfort of knowing they are reading passages their loved one is reading overseas.
American Bible Society
Help give America’s wounded heroes the strength and comfort they need. Your gift provides Bibles plus topical Scripture booklets called God Understands. These booklets give thoughtful biblical answers to tough questions and serve as a reminder that God knows and understands our pain in a very real way.
American Bible Society
Who can bring healing and peace to girls and young women whose lives have been shattered by brutal or vile rape, leaving permanent emotional and physical handicaps? Only God. That is why your gift to help brutalized girls and women in the Democratic Republic of Congo is so important. In more than a decade of conflict, thousands of girls and women have been sexually assaulted. They are in anguish and desperately need to know God’s healing love.
American Scientific Affiliation
The American Scientific Affiliation's (ASA) unique mission is to integrate, communicate, and facilitate properly researched science and theology in service to the Church and the scientific community. Additionally, the ASA is committed to advising churches and our society on how best to employ science and technology while preserving the integrity of God's creation.
AMG International
At AMG, "media" can take a wide variety of forms. In several countries (often those closed to overt missionary activity), we work through newspaper/web evangelism: placing Gospel ads in newspapers, magazines, and on websites, and discipling seekers through Bible correspondence courses. There and elsewhere, we also reach out through book/periodical publishing, Gospel tracts, and radio.
Anglican House Media Ministry
Anglican House Media Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and Ministry Partner of the Anglican Church in North America. The work of publishing is managed by volunteer executive officers overseeing various freelance professionals in the important aspects of publishing— editing, book layout and design, typesetting, artwork, cover design, e commerce, website management, accounting, and the resultant creation of the electronic files used to print books.
Answers in Genesis
The state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings. Your donation will help us continue with the upkeep and expenses for the museum.
Answers in Genesis
Answers in Genesis is a non-profit ministry sustained by God's grace through the faithful prayers and generous gifts of our supporters. Please prayerfully consider partnering with this Bible-proclaiming ministry!
Aramaic Bible Translation
Help Aramaic Bible Translation bring scripture to the Aramaic people. Translators are working to translate God's Word into all modern Aramaic dialects including Assyrian, Chaldean, Suryoyo (Turyoyo), Ma’luli (Suryon) and a related dialect, Mardini.
Arise Ministries
Arise Ministries helps single-parent homes rebuild lifestyle foundations. We encourage and equip through our online education center with podcasts, videos, and articles that are accessed by single moms around the world. Recently launching online Bible studies and connect groups, Arise Ministries comes alongside single moms in their journey. Your gift would allow us to continue effective outreach programs that change lives and homes. You don't give to Arise but through Arise.
Asia Harvest
There is a growing emergency among the house churches in China! Although a limited number of Bibles are now permitted to be printed inside China, they are not enough to meet the need. Because of the tremendous growth rate of the church in China (some say 10-15,000 new believers each day, or approximately 3 to 5 million per year), there is a serious lack of Bibles. Your donation to Asia Harvest helps bring God’s Word to new believers in China.
Audio Scripture Ministries
"How will they hear?" 1.2 billion across the globe do not read, and millions have no access to the Bible. We know " comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ" (Rom 10:17, ESV). Praise God that for about $40, you can give an entire family the gift of hearing the Bible in their heart language, on a solar-powered audio Bible!
Avon Park Camp Association
The primary event that takes place at the Avon Park Interdenominational Conference Center is the Holiness Camp Meeting. The camp starts the Thursday before the first Sunday in February and runs for ten days. Help support these life changing events by giving to Avon Park Camp Association!
BEE World
Along with the staggering need for Bible training, the cost of merely printing a biblical education curriculum in a new language is expensive. Establishment and maintenance of in-country warehouses and delivery networks to distribute the materials add additional cost and expose many to danger, not to mention the ever-present risk of wholesale confiscation. Please help support this mission to safely print and distribute biblical materials to the world!
Bethlehem College & Seminary
Every resident student receives a Serious Joy Scholarship. God works in the hearts of individual men and women to provide two-thirds of Bethlehem College & Seminary students’ full tuition cost such that they can: receive a high-value education at an unusually affordable cost, launch immediately into ministry without student loan debt and be affordable as staff to churches and ministries that need them.
Bible League International
In most places where Bible League International serves, people have very limited access to the Scriptures because of persecution, poverty, or limited ability to read. In addition to providing other versions, Bible League translates, publishes, and provides Scriptures in everyday language, making the truth of God available to all. Many Bible League Scripture materials are available in more than 30 languages, with additional translations underway.
Bible League International
BIble League provides materials and training to churches so they can help believers study the Scripture and share the Gospel with the unreached. Through evangelism and discipleship programs like Project Philip, churches learn to plant the Word of God so it can take root and change lives, families, and communities.
Bible Study Fellowship
The BSF Board of Directors established the BSF Global Impact Fund to provide for the long-term funding and support of Bible Study Fellowship, its strategic initiatives, major infrastructure, equipment, technology and ministry development.
Bible Study Fellowship
The BSF Board of Directors has established the BSF International Fund to support the work of BSF in overseas classes. BSF has the privilege of teaching the Bible and training leaders in over 38 countries. As God leads, BSF would like to have training centers in every capital city of the world teaching the truth of God's word.
Bible Study Fellowship
The BSF Board of Directors has established the Translation/Multilingual Fund to support the translation of BSF materials into Chinese and Spanish. This decision opens the door for BSF classes to teach the Bible in languages other than English as the materials are translated. The BSF Translation / Multilingual Fund provides an opportunity to support the five tracks of this important effort: translation, materials production, multilingual classes, personnel and administrative support.
Bible Study Fellowship
Bible Study Fellowship is a global ministry offering in-depth Bible study classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His church. Classes are established and conducted by trained laymen over an nine-year course of study. Training of spiritual leaders for service in their church is an important focus of BSF. Bible Study Fellowship is an interdenominational, multi-generational and multi-cultural organization.
Bible Study Fellowship
Word in the City was established initially in the United Kingdom to encourage the next generation to encounter God through in-depth Bible study. It provides Bible training designed to help individuals read the Bible, know God, serve the Church, and benefit their city. Word in the City helps establish a healthy, sustainable lifestyle of engaging directly with the text of God's Word.
Bible Teaching Resources
We believe God calls us to equip people and serve Him effectively in local churches, Christian organizations and para-church ministries, as well as in the marketplace. Believing “Christ is all and in all,” we strive to help people live with integrity and purpose in every arena of their lives.
Bible2School is committed to its vision for every child to have an opportunity to attend a Bible class during their school day, because we beleive every child needs to hear Biblical Truth
Bibles for China
At a cost of $5.00 each, Bibles for China is currently purchasing and distributing, free of charge to rural Chinese believers, complete Bibles which are legally printed in China. The need is huge—hundreds of thousands of Bibles have been requested. To continue meeting this unprecedented opportunity, we need your help now. By making a donation to Bibles for China today, you can place God’s Word into the hands of a precious rural Chinese Christian.
Bibles for the World
At Bibles For The World, it is our passion to ensure that everyone has the chance to read God's precious Word. Consider an existence without knowing the true and living God. What would life be like without God’s Word guiding, enlightening encouraging and comforting you? Please consider becoming a part of this ministry of bringing God's Word to the nations.
Help us provide life-changing biblical training from top biblical scholars for the world at no cost to students. We want to see students move through content to deep reflection and application of the Bible. Donations keep our classes free.
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove—located near Asheville, N.C.—offers year-round programs and workshops where the only textbook is the Bible. Well-known Christian pastors and Bible teachers train believers to grow in their faith. Special programs for church leaders, military and law enforcement couples, women, and seniors are also offered as well as evening concert events.
Blackaby Ministries International
We believe people still need to hear the message we are sharing. We will be trusting God to guide us to know how to continue sharing it in the future. Thank you in advance for your partnership with us in helping people to experience God!
Blue Letter Bible
Please consider joining in BLB’s mission to exalt the name of God and His Word above all things (Psalm 138:2). As we reach out to millions of people worldwide with our free Bible study resources, you can help us water the seeds that God plants in the hearts of Blue Letter Bible users everywhere.
Body of Christ Community Clinic
Donate today and help The Body of Christ Community Clinic fulfill their vision to have a Christ-centered healthy community!
Breakaway Student Ministries
Breakaway is a non-denominational, weekly Bible study on the campus of Texas A&M University. We exist to introduce college students to Jesus Christ and call them to walk with Him for a lifetime. We accomplish this through worship, Bible teaching and resources. While not affiliated with any one church, we work hard to connect students to local, Bible-believing churches. By God's power and for His glory, we live to proclaim the gospel of Christ to college students.
Bright Hope International
$10 brings God’s Word to life for a child in need! Our partner church in Bolivia hosts monthly Children’s Bible Clubs that draw both churched and unchurched children. As part of this program, each child receives their own copy of a Bible storybook. For just $10, you can give a child Hope today and invest in their eternity.
Byelorussian Mission
God instructs us to take His Gospel to the world, but He is careful to remind us that we are to share the good news with everyone, to not forget His Chosen People along the way. There are more than 2.5 million Russian Speaking Jewish people in the land of Israel. Many of the Russian speaking congregations in Israel have been asking us for Bibles, but it is difficult to carry enough of them with us when we travel over there because they are so heavy! Please help us to print locally in Ashkelon, I
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a State Minister in Oklahoma who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a State Minister in South Dakota who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a State Minister in California who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a State Minister in Arkansas who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a State Minister in Colorado who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a State Minister in Georgia who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a State Minister in Illinois.He leads Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Indiana who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Kansas who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Kentucky who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Louisiana who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Maryland who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Michigan who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Missouri who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of NC who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Ohio who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Pennsylvania who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of SC who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Tennesse who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Texas who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Virginia who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of West Virginia who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome.' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Capitol Commission
Capitol Commission has a full-time minister in the state of Wyoming who must raise his own support in order be at the legislative sessions to lead Bible studies, election-eve prayer walks, pray for legislators and staffs 'under the capitol dome' AND to minister to legislators, who mostly are away from home, and under pressure from their constituents, political party, and lobbyists without the support of their home church. In many states our men lead the National Day of Prayer Function.
Carriage Town Ministries
We provide food, drink, clothing, shelter, and free clinic services each week to those in need. The Gospel of Christ is taught daily through word, deed, devotionals and church services. Residents are also given the chance to create a Personal Success Plan. This is a goal-oriented program that enables individuals to grow spiritually, academically, and vocationally through mentoring, work experience, and life skills. Support CTM as we continue to provide this program to those in need!
CBE International
CBE recruited an expert team of women and men from diverse ethnic, racial, geographic, and denominational backgrounds to work on translating 500-plus Bible verses (70 different passages) that will provide exegetically-sound, gender-accurate, and accessible English translations from the original biblical texts. They are working to identify where the wording of traditional English translations is inconsistent with the sense of the original language. We need $60,000 to cover the final phase.
CBE International
CBE is developing online courses with topics such as leadership in marriage and family, Bible translation and interpreting challenging passages, and more. These courses can be completed as an individual or with a group. They serve as an introduction to topics, with options that allow for deeper learning. Students can learn at their own pace, giving them time to absorb or discuss the material before moving on. The annual cost is $11,000.
CBE International
CBE advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class. With supporters from over 100 denominations and 65 countries, CBE engages Christians with conferences, adult and youth curricula, multi-media resources, award-winning publications, a blog, and an online library of 2,000+ free resources on gender and the Bible. To join the cause, go to
CBE International
CBE International acts where Christian faith, global humanitarian work, and women’s equality intersect. Women's equality is not attainable without addressing underlying cultural and faith-based beliefs that devalue and disempower women and girls, making them vulnerable to abuse. By providing culturally-appropriate biblical resources, CBE collaborates with ministry leaders and other change agents in Sub-Saharan Africa to address power imbalances between women and men.
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
Join us in our effort to digitally preserve ancient manuscripts, archive manuscript images for generations to come in, and train for opportunities at any interest level. This process ensures that images can be preserved, duplicated without deterioration, and accessed by scholars doing textual research.
Cherry Street Mission Ministries
Cherry Street Mission Ministries is the largest organization serving the homeless and poor in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We turn no one away ever. We house 230 men and women, provide more than 700 meals, as well as clean clothing and basic necessities, and we share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who seek our help. Please help support this ministry as we create a personalized care plan for each man and woman we serve!
Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maryland
God has raised up CEF to evangelize the children, disciple them in the Word of God, and to establish them in local Bible believing churches. Will you invest in the eternal souls of boys and girls? Your one-time or recurring tax deductible donation will allow us to keep the ministry growing and see young lives transformed by the power of the Gospel every day.
Childcare Worldwide
Bibles are a “luxury” for poor families simply trying to survive. Often multiple families must share a single Bible. But for just $16 you can give a child their very own Bible to help them grow and learn about Jesus.
Childcare Worldwide
Send a child to a Life Center to introduce them to the best gift of all: Jesus! At our Life Centers, children meet weekly for a day of fun, but more importantly, for a day of discipleship. Through Bible study, songs and games, our curriculum helps them connect Biblical principles to their day-to-day life, and helps them walk closer with Jesus every day. A gift of any amount will help a child's faith grow. You can support a child in this program for just $5 a month, or $60 for an entire yea
Children Of Abraham
Since 1977, the Children Of Abraham ministry has been communicating the saving message of Christ to a largely un-evangelized Arabic community in and beyond North America. The truth of God’s glorious self-revelation, in Christ and His Word has been hidden from millions of Muslims. We are committed to placing the Word of God into the hands of many Muslims.
China Partner
China Partner provides mini-libraries to students, faculty, pastors and lay pastors in mainland China. CP has distributed over 50,000 Bible study and reference books since 1991. These study books are cherished treasure since they provide much needed training and help equip Christian leaders to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to more Chinese. Help us to continue this needed distribution in China!
China Partner
The great news is that the church is exploding in China today. At the same time, China only has one ordained pastor for every 10,000 Christians. There is a huge need for additional training of pastors and lay pastors. China Partner exists to help meet this need by providing regular short-term Pastoral Training Seminars across China. Your donation will equip trainers to train trainers (2 Tim. 2:2).
Chinese Christian Mission
From its humble beginnings in 1961 as a small literature distribution ministry, Chinese Christian Mission has developed into a multi-faceted mission organization. CCM's strategy is reaching the Chinese to reach the world, by sending missionaries to the Chinese to bring them the gospel in their language, and equipping believers to reach the local ethnic groups.
Christ for All Nations
Consider partnering with Christ for all Nations and become a monthly ministry partner by praying for this ministry and standing financially with this ministry with a monthly partnership support gift. Every dollar makes a difference.
Christ For The Nations
The Museum Of Earth History in Dallas, Texas, provides an enjoyable and educational experience, exploring the biblical perspective of Creation and Earth history. Through the use of displays, artifacts, and historical data, the Museum shows Creation as it is recorded in the Bible. It also helps to expose and confront many of the errors taught in our modern education system. Young minds are at stake, and this is one, powerful tool in presenting the message in a way they will never forget.
Christian Aid Ministries Foundation
Did you know you can donate assets such as grain or cattle to support kingdom work? Are you selling your farm or business and need help with capital gains tax issues? Would you like help from a Biblical perspective on establishing a will or trust? Christian Aid Ministries Foundation's mission is to educate, motivate, and assist supporters in biblical stewardship planning. Our Biblical Stewardship Services department may be able to help you with the following services: ? Estate design assis
Christian Bowhunters of America
The Mission of Christian Bowhunters of America is to be a Ministry to the Bowhunting and Archery World, seeking to serve and exalt Jesus Christ by leading lost people to him and encouraging Christian growth. Christian Bowhunters presently has 48 chapters across the country. We need you to partner with us. Please visit our web site for details regarding memberships, chapters and giving opportunities.
Christian Military Fellowship
One of the unfortunate facts of war is that the effects of mortal combat do not stop when the warrior leaves the battlefield. We may never fully realize how war forever changes the heart! Nor will we know the pains inflicted deep by the many terrors endured. Help us lessen the pain and encourage healing. A Gift of $30 will provide a copy of the "Combat Trauma Healing Manual" to a returning Warrior.
Christian Military Fellowship
Help make a Bible available to the troops whenever they want one. Whether here at home or on the far side of the planet in harm's way, CMF endeavors to place Bibles and New Testaments in the hands of everyone who asks. A $10 donation will provide a Bible with a camouflage cover.
Christian Military Fellowship
Marriage has always been one of the chief casualties of military service. Anxiety mounts both for the loved one, who is far off, and for those who have remained behind. Then when the warrior returns home from the battle, it is soon discovered that they are not the same person that left in answer to the call of country. Help us lessen the pain and encourage healing. A Gift of $30 will provide a copy of "When War Comes Home" to the wife of a Warrior.
Christianity Explored USA
Christianity Explored USA equips God's people in evangelism. Our approach is exploring Jesus in the Bible in a relational environment. Our relational evangelism and discipleship tools not only help unbelievers discover the Gospel as they explore Jesus in a relational environment where they can ask questions, but they also train believers in sharing their faith, and strengthen leader's confidence in the Bible. In addition, we need people to give to develop new, high-quality evangelism training
Christianity Today International
At CT, our ministry commitment and cause is Beautiful Orthodoxy—modeling biblical conviction and love—and it remains as solid and unflinching today as it did when our late founder Billy Graham founded the ministry in 1956. Today the global media ministry reaches over five million Christian leaders a month through various digital and print resources, and your support will advance this Christian thought journalism for the next generation of leaders.
CJF Ministries
Our workers are organizing evangelistic meetings where the Gospel is presented, with an understanding of the Jewishness of Messiah, as well as publishing and distributing Russian-language Gospel tracts, Bibles, New Testaments, and Bible study booklets. We are also helping provide other necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Support the outreach of this ministry by giving today!
Clear Bible
Global Bible Initiative exists to enable the Church to fulfill its God-given stewardship of the Word of God so that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14). We are a Bible translation and technology organization that leverages innovations in computer science, linguistics and Biblical scholarship to accelerate Bible translation without compromising quality.
CLI Prison Alliance
We invite you to join us in reaching the imprisoned and showing them how to turn to God. The truth will not only “set them free” but will help their family, friends, and all the people that they will come into contact with during their lives. There are a number of ways to give and become a vital part of this very fruitful ministry.
Coaches Outreach
Passing on a healthy faith means passing it on in the context of a healthy marriage. Your support of this ministry helps make it possible for coaches and their spouses to get refreshed and renewed so that they can minister to others. Please support this valuable ministry.
Community Bible Study
Community Bible Study is an interdenominational ministry that began in 1975 with a single Bible study class in the Washington, D.C., area. Today it is a rapidly growing global ministry for all ages with hundreds of thousands engaging with God and His Word in more than 120 countries and 84 languages. Our mission is to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in-depth Bible studies available to all.
Compassion Radio
We are partnering with Bibles For The World to place Bibles into the hands of Chinese believers. This ministry is one of the premier Bible placement and literacy outreaches on the planet. They have vigorous and consistent evangelistic outreach in over 100 countries. They print and distribute more Bibles and gospel than any other missions agency. They evangelize and train hundreds of pastors and evangelists each year in their own seminaries and training conferences.
Cord Ministries International
CORD is a uniquely formed to support ministry partners in unique circumstances. We seek out relationships with independent strategic partners that are bringing the gospel to the un-reached around the world. In order to meet the demands of these unique circumstances we allow our beliefs to inspire a process of exploration, refining, and sharing tools and solutions for the challenges of ministry.
Creation Studies Institute
Producing easy to understand programs connecting God as our exciting Creator to capture the attention of those who need to hear that Jesus is also their Savior. Presenting creation as the foundation to the Gospel of Jesus. For information about our ministry visit
Creation Studies Institute
Help CSI as we remove the stumbling block of the lie of evolution by teaching the truth that God is our Creator, that we are made in His image, and that by Him and through Him, all things were made. Come by and visit our Creation Study Museum!
Crescent Project
Specialized Training & Equipping: training ministry leaders and former Muslims to become effective leaders for Christ. Direct Muslim Outreach: producing and translating biblical materials for a Muslim audience; hosting globally-accessible media online and via satellite to reach Muslims with the Gospel. Give a Gospel: providing Christians across the world with literature and media to engage over 100,000 Muslims with the Gospel.
Crisis Aid International
An outreach located in South Saint Louis that demonstrates love and care through acts of kindness. The center provides food, clothing, and hygiene items in abundance. Special programs include “Back to School” supplies, turkeys with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Children's Christmas party, Bible Study. Children and adult programs are designed to practically apply the Word of God to the individual in an effort to provide “hope, healing and restoration” for their future.
Crown Financial Ministries
The faithful prayer and financial support from Crown OutReach Partners™ is the reason why Crown is able to continue reaching people with the liberating truth of God's financial principles. Become an Outreach Partner today and help Crown share this transforming truth with others around the world.
Daily Audio Bible
Partners of the Daily Audio Bible provide the resources for us to exist! As a partner, you help fund operations, missional efforts, resource development, and the day in and day out deployment of the spoken Word of God throughout the world. Please consider partnering with us today.
Dallas International University
The mission of Dallas International University, as an institution of higher education, is to provide education and research opportunities leading to degrees in applied linguistics, culture studies, and the development of languages. Our graduates serve in over 77 countries with 66 different sending agencies. At DIU we are committed to educating men and women to translate God's Word for the less than 2000 remaining people groups who do not have access to Scripture in their language.
Davar Partners International
Davar Audio Bibles creates opportunities for oral learners to fully experience the bible. We believe all people should have the opportunity to know the God who made them and that the truths of the Bible are not bound to the reader or ink on paper. By providing the recorded Word of God to oral learners in their home language, families, tribes, and nations will live transformed for his glory.
David C Cook
The Action Bible is a graphic art version of the Bible that contains more than 230 stories beautifully drawn by an experienced comic artist. It has sold more than 2.3 million copies and has been translated in more than 50 languages. It has spawned several related products including The Story of Jesus, a short evangelistic booklet, The Action Bible New Testament, and short Action Bible videos. More than 55 million copies of the Story of Jesus have been distributed around the world.
Deaf Bible Society
Around the globe, 98% of Deaf people have never been introduced to the Gospel. Deaf Christians are working hard to advance sign language Bible translation and developing access to it in their communities. They are also serving to establish and grow local Deaf churches and ministries. Deaf Bible Society's mission--to provide God's Word in all sign languages-- is a big mission. We need Deaf Advocates like YOU to join us in this movement! Find out more at
Derek Prince Ministries
Your gifts of support for Derek Prince Ministries make it possible to keep the unique teaching of Derek Prince coming to you, your neighbors and countless others around the world. If you can be a part of all of the equipping restoration, deliverance, and healing by sharing a gift, we would be so very grateful.
DOOR International
God is bringing His Word and reproducing Christian fellowship to the world's 35-40,000,000 Deaf. D.O.O.R. Int'l. engages Deaf Christians, trains them in sign language Bible translation, evangelism (testimony and Scripture) and church-planting (worship skills and Christian leadership concepts), and sends them out to share through story, drama, song and dialogue resulting in Deaf Christian fellowships. DOOR partners with the Wycliffe Global Alliance, IMB, Faith Comes By Hearing and others.
Door of Hope International
At Door of Hope International, we are working to strengthen and rebuild the suffering church in countries where persecution and intolerance to Christianity exists. We are currently working in over 25 countries to translate, print, and distribute Bibles and Christian Literature. We are also working to distribute humanitarian aid to suffering Christians and support pastors in countries of religious intolerance.
Downtown Bible Class
"The Romans Project" is a challenge to pastors throughout Asia and Africa to commit to read the book of Romans twenty times and copy the entire book into a notebook. Upon completion, each pastor is given a Mp3 player that contains Scott Gilchrist's complete exposition of Romans - over one hundred messages. So far, nearly 6,000 pastors are participating in this project. Please consider donating $25 to equip a pastor with a filled Mp3 player.
e3 Partners Ministry
I Am Second will premier a 2,000 square foot state-of-the-art digital display in one of the city's busiest locations where commuters and travelers from around the world will be introduced to the message of I Am Second. In a most unexpected place, in unexpected ways! I Am Second's award winning media and Museum Of The Bible world class content will be presented 24/7/365 to upwards of 3,000,000 people each year, for decades to come. 2,000,000 more people will view the I Am Second impact exhibit
Eagles Nest Ministries
Love Packages currently sends 20-foot ocean going containers to port cities around the world. These locations act as distribution points and have the capability to distribute literature to thousands of churches overseas. Everywhere we have gone in America, we have found people with literature who don't know what to do with it. If you are one of these people, Love Packages is here to help you put that literature in the hands of people who are hungry for the Word of God.
Eastern European Mission
We share God’s Word with the people of Eastern Europe and beyond and seek to educate and inspire God’s servants in this work.
Elam Ministries
We train leaders for fruitful, effective ministry in the Iran region. We Equip the Iranian church with Bibles and resources for evangelism and discipleship. We send the Gospel into the Iran region through trained evangelists, church planters and Christian media.
Emmaus Worldwide
There are millions of people who want to study the Bible, but do not have any resources to help them. Emmaus Worldwide is active globally and reaches students in 197 countries and territories providing quality Bible study resources. Support the work of getting Bible courses into people’s hands by donating today.
Emmaus Worldwide
Jails and prisons offer fertile ground for the gospel. If you are looking for a more fruitful harvest field, apart from leaving the country, you’ll be hard pressed to find it. There are broken, hurting, lonely people that God has slowed down long enough to consider the claims of the gospel. Emmaus courses clearly present the gospel and assist believers in Christian growth. Your gift helps meet the need of reaching the precious souls whose lives have been interrupted by prison time.
Emmaus Worldwide
For nearly 80 years, millions have learned to study the Bible and apply it to their lives with the help of an Emmaus course. In 1942, 3 courses were developed for those who needed to study the Bible remotely. Today 95 courses are offered. Emmaus courses include an exam which is ideal for independent study, discipleship, group Bible study, and homeschool. An Emmaus course provides the opportunity to discover the truth of God's Word and apply it to one's life.
Empower Ministries International
Empower Ministries International is committed to making the printing and distribution of God’s Word a priority. This facet of what we do is the virtual backbone of our ministry. We were established and built upon the desperate cry of the national Church for Scripture and scripture-related materials, and we will not deviate from this course. We need help to put the Word of God into the hands of the people of the world. Will you help us to provide God's Word?
Equipping Leaders for A Lifetime of Service International
We seek to establish healthy ministry partnerships between churches in the West and the Majority World. The leadership of ELLS International is intentionally diverse in this regard with members from both the U.S. and the growing global church. In every place we are invited to come, ELLS International partners with a team of regional leaders to help put on our training conferences. This not only enables important mutual learning to take place during the conferences but also fosters a strong sense
In 2,500 of the world’s 6,500 people groups, there is no church, nor is there any work being done to establish a church. These are the people among whom Ethnos360 helps train, coordinate, and send missionaries. We work in the cultures and languages of the people, present foundational Bible teaching, and establish mature churches. Help us equip believers across the globe for God's Great Commission team!
Evangelism Resources
The Women's Impact Network (WIN), empowers women to reach their full potential as disciples of Jesus Christ, mentoring other women in small groups. Launched in India in 2013, WIN continues to expand its influence, with thousands of women in Asia and the US meeting for discipleship. This movement has also been started in the US, and is impacting women in local churches to consider their call to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples. WIN is poised to launch soon in Africa.
EvanTell exists to encourage and equip individuals and churches to reach the world with the clear and simple good news of Jesus Christ.
Every Generation Ministries
Every Generation Ministries (EGM) hopes to cast a wider net of impact to help churches. The Internet Curriculum Initiative will take existing ministry programs and Bible teaching materials and make them available to churches and children's workers via multi-language websites. The overall goal of the Internet Curriculum Initiative project is to increase EGM's impact by a factor of ten in three years, serving over 100,000 children's workers and 34,000 local churches.
Extreme Response International
ER invests in vulnerable women by providing life skills and livelihood training. For example, our Golden Hands Livelihood has graduated close to 100 women and girls from a sewing program and awarded them a sewing machine and supplies to start their own businesses. The women must complete an intensive 8-month course. The woman receive business and faith-based training. We have a waiting list and need support to help more women escape generational poverty. If you'd like to help, donate using the
FaithSearch International
FaithSearch presents an inspiring case for believing in the historical person of Jesus. Our mission is “to proclaim the Gospel with evidence to all peoples everywhere.” We answer “why” as well as “what” questions about faith, with evangelistic ministry and training in the United States, in Russian- and Spanish-speaking countries, in India, and in the Philippines. Partner with us to share the truth that Christianity is supported by the world's greatest body of historical and scientific evidence.
FOCUS Ministries
We're a campus outreach that pursues college students with intentionality and love. We invite them into a growing relationship with Jesus and the Catholic faith, inspiring and equipping them for a lifetime of Christ-centered evangelization, discipleship and friendships in which they lead others to do the same.
Frontlines International
Frontlines International stands alongside those who live dangerously as they serve to bring the light of Jesus Christ to their communities. We desire to encourage and equip believers in places of persecution by providing Bibles and discipleship materials, through leadership training, and humanitarian relief, so that the church would survive and thrive.
Gate of Hope Ministries International
Gate of Hope Ministries International exists to create an environment where East African individuals, families and communities are equipped and empowered to live out a more spiritually fulfilled, socially connected, and economically stable life in order to holistically transform their communities and nations.
Global Recordings Network
Groups and individuals alike can sponsor the recording and initial distribution of an unrecorded language in one of the regions of the world in which GRN operates. For a very reasonable amount, several hours of Bible story and gospel message recordings can be produced and handed out to some of the neediest unreached people groups of our planet. You can sponsor individual minutes or take on an entire project for an investment of $9,000.
Global Recordings Network
Americas Project is a GRN outreach that God is raising up to deliver the good news to the small tribes of South America from the Amazon to the Andes. While Christianity is thriving over much of the continent, there are still many tribes who have been bypassed. The Americas Project is focused on providing the gospel for every tribe in whatever language they speak. We know that the Good Shepherd longs for fellowship with every tribe. All need to hear who Jesus is. None is to be excluded.
Global Recordings Network
The Vision of GRN is that people might hear and understand God's word in their heart language - especially those who are oral communicators and those who do not have Scriptures in a form they can access. We do this by producing culturally appropriate audio and audio-visual materials. Our centers in Africa long for each language group to have audio recordings of Bible stories and evangelistic messages in their own languages.
God's Bible School & College
God's Bible School and College is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is accredited by both ABHE and HLC. The mission of the institution is to provide higher education centered in the Bible and shaped by Wesleyan conviction, preparing faithful servants to proclaim Jesus Christ and spread scriptural holiness throughout the world.
Good News
Your faithful giving allows Good News representatives to attend General Conference every four years in support of Biblical reforms of the United Methodist Church. A team of over 40 volunteers monitors legislation, educate delegates on issues, network with delegates, and support evangelical and Scriptural positions on issues facing the church.
Good News Productions International
Good News Productions International offers"Amazing Stories", 20 animated Bible stories told from the perspective of those who were present. Currently available in English and coming soon in Bahasa Indonesia!
Gospel Missions of India
There are several good assembly Bible Schools in India that are engaged in training and equipping missionary workers in Doctrines and Evangelism. Consider sponsoring a Bible School student, or contributing to cover the expenses of operating any of the schools.
Got Questions Ministries
Got Questions Ministries seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence. We are a ministry of dedicated and trained servants who have a desire to assist others in their understanding of God, Scripture, salvation, and other spiritual topics. Please prayerfully consider making a donation.
Grace Evangelistic Ministries
Grace Evangelistic Ministries is dedicated to evangelism and sound Bible teaching. Our main focus is evangelism and all our activities support this goal. We are a non-denominational, Christian, missionary oriented ministry, incorporated in the State of Tennessee as a nonprofit organization. Our mission, in obedience to the command of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is to: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matt. 28:19).
Grace to You
In 2013, Grace to You began translating more than 500 of John MacArthur’s most crucial messages into four additional languages: Arabic, French, Chinese, and Portuguese. Once the translation is completed, both the audio files and transcripts of the sermons will be made available across various digital platforms, free of charge.
Grace to You
“Gracia a Vosotros” es la versión en Español del programa de radio “Grace to You,” en donde se expone la enseñanza del Pastor John MacArthur, a una audiencia tan grande como sea posible, “a fin de perfeccionar a los santos para la obra del ministerio” (Efesios 4:12).
Grace to You
Grace to You teaches biblical truth with clarity, using mass media to expand the sphere of John MacArthur’s Bible-teaching ministry. Grace to You supports the local church by helping God’s people grow in biblical knowledge and spiritual maturity.
Ground Zero Ministries
Ground Zero is a place where every teenager can go, belong and grow. Through life-changing experiences and nurturing relationships, we make a positive impact in the lives of today’s teenagers, cultivating their faith and transforming their futures.
Handi*Vangelism Ministries International
Ministering to parents who have experienced the loss of a child. The death of a child is like no other loss. The grief is profound and deep. Our BASIS staff, including some who have personally experienced this grief journey, is willing to walk alongside and help "bear the burden" of grieving parents who have lost a child for any reason, whether that child is not yet born, stillborn, a baby, a toddler, a teen or an adult.
Handi*Vangelism Ministries International
Through one-on-one visitation, email devotionals and group Bible study/Bible club programs, the Discipleship team teaches Truth from God's Word on a variety of levels appropriate to individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities. Twilight Senior Ministries especially focuses on meeting the needs of Seniors living alone or in nursing homes.
Handi*Vangelism Ministries International
Helping people renew their minds in God's Word, with spiritual support and encouragement for people addressing mental health issues personally or with a loved one.
Harvesters Ministries
Through Harvesters Hub-Model Church-planting program, new believers are coming to Christ daily in over sixty countries, and become part of a new church plant, with its own student pastor from among the new believers To help them grow in Christ, we seek to place a Bible in the hands of every student pastor and new believer in discipleship in the newly-planted churches. In a newly-formed partnership, Biblica is going to provide several hundred thousands of Bibles for these new believers. Har
Haven Ministries
Haven Today (formerly known as Haven of Rest; Crew of the Good Ship Grace) is a Christ-centered radio program airing on hundreds of radio stations across North America and around the world. Typically keying off current events and relevant topics, Haven always incorporates music, Biblical teaching and the necessity of walking with Jesus daily. Haven's strong conviction of the necessity of living a Christ-centered life is evident in its slogan, "Telling the Great Story . . . it's all about Jesus!"
Heartland International Ministries
Please give today and help fulfill the purpose of Heartland International Ministries to share the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ in creative ways that would evangelize the unreached, and help train, sustain and revitalize believers and churches as they develop a dynamic relationship with God.
Hellenic Ministries
Operation Joshua is made possible by the many helpers and volunteers from all over the world who rally for the cause of God’s Kingdom in Greece. The challenge ahead of us is great, but so is the faith and strength of those who enlist in God’s powerful army! Please consider supporting this work by donating towards the cost of the Bibles and distribution.
His Feet International
For $40 you can help feed a leprosy victim for one month! We work in over several different leprosy quarantine villages in the worlds most populated country. Each leprosy camp contains 10-20 victims. Every $800 raised will feed all people in at least 1 leprosy village. We provide rice, cooking oil, blankets, clothes, toiletries, haircuts, Bibles, and other Christian resources. Within these colonies, churches have been planted and we are reaching people with the gospel.
His Feet International
Giving to this cause helps us to train national missionaries and house church leaders to reach unreached people groups! Through your financial support and prayer, we are able to host discipleship and leadership trainings for new believers to be equipped as church leaders! This, along with resources such as Bibles and discipleship training materials disciples are able to make disciples!
His Feet International
His Feet International has been part of the distribution of tens of thousands of Bibles, evangelism, and Christian training materials. Some even in ethnic tribal languages! There is a great need for Bibles and materials to be distributed. Join us financially and through prayer to provide the Word in rural areas and cities that are difficult to get Bibles in! We also provide MP3 tracks with the Bible, Christian life teaching, and worship music!
His Feet International
We work with Unreached People Groups that are located in a geographical region referred to as the 10/40 Window, a rectangular area between the north latitude lines of 10- and 40-degrees, which encompasses North Africa, the Middle East and all of South Asia.
His Feet International
Provide a Bible for tribal People living in war zones or gospel-restricted nations. His Feet International regularly supplies Bibles for those in need. In war zones, Bibles can be destroyed when people flee. In persecuted nations, Bibles are contraband and can be impossible to buy. They can also get confiscated by hostile governments. Our teams and partners have unique relationships to get Bibles to those in need. The average cost for a Bible in a tribal language is $15.00. It is our goal to sup
His Feet International
Children of parents who are affected by leprosy are seen as outcasts in society. Sponsor a child to attend a Bible camp where they will receive love, care, food, and the opportunity to learn about God! For $150, a child will be sent to Bible camp!
Hope and Help International
The men who are pastoring churches in South Asia are serving in the hard places. They are willing and eager, but need help with their ministry and leadership skills as well as solid teaching in Bible doctrines to make sure they can stand firm when all of culture comes against them. These skills will enable them to lead their churches to grow and multiply.
Houston Christian Broadcasters
This radio ministry presents a variety of Biblically based programs with sound doctrine, exalting the name, work, and person of the Lord Jesus Christ. We introduce listeners to the Lord Jesus Christ, nurture their spiritual growth and personal involvement in a local church, and encourage and comfort them with beautiful music and Bible teaching. Your financial support will help us continue and expand this ministry in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, and around the world through the internet.
In Grace Ministries
Support though sister ministry, Quentin Road Baptist Church, in supporting many missionaries and planting churches in the Philippines, Togo and Ghana West Africa, the United States, Canada and Honduras
In Grace Ministries
InGrace Ministries helps Pastors, Ministries and Churches around the globe by sending free Gospel Tracts for those unable to pay to share the Clear Gospel in numerous languages with people around the globe.
Strategically located along the U.S. and Mexico border, Radio Manantial (World Radio Network, Inc.) broadcasts the Good News of the Gospel into a country torn by violence and corruption. Your financial partnership will help fill the gap of those unable to give in these difficult times.
WRN's Spanish Bible correspondence school, Christian Academy of the Air, has a tremendous outreach to nearly 1,000 prisoners in Mexico and the United States. Most of these unique students have barely enough money to afford the postage to mail their lessons back and forth. Your donation of $300 will help provide a scholarship for 1 of these prisoners.
Institute for Creation Research
Will you help us reach the next generation? Your generous support enables ICR to produce high-quality scientific research and resources that confirm biblical creation. Gifts of any amount will empower ICR and the ICR Discovery Center to help families, children, and students discover how science confirms creation.
Intercessors for America
At Intercessors for America, we are working to grow the number of people regularly interceding for our leaders and for national and local issues. We inform praying Christians about national and local prayer concerns and connect Christians moved to intercessory prayer with like-minded intercessors. We accomplish this by sending out monthly prayer letters and weekly prayer alerts.
InterFACE Ministries
InterFACE Ministries (iFace) provide practical help and friendship to international students and scholars studying at US universities. As iPhones and Facebook connect people, so iFace staff connect international students and scholars with local church volunteers. Together they show God's love with airport pickups, furniture giveaways, English conversation groups, dinners, spouse and family programs, sightseeing, conferences, and Bible studies.
International Christian Concern
Our Hand of Hope fund is the vehicle we use to deliver that broad assistance to the church in specific countries. Your gift to a country via the Hand of Hope designation can help provide: Monthly financial assistance for in-country evangelists and pastors in persecuted countries; Training of pastors and Church leaders in persecuted countries; Providing teaching materials to persecuted churches, and many other ways.
Iwa is using new Gospel presentations to effectively reach out to Japanese Americans and Asian Americans. These presentations are written for specific ethnicities. Your support will help these new resources to be used effectively to disciple those who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
For more than 65 years, JAARS has helped make Bible translation possible. We support over 70 partner organizations around the world with transportation, technology, media and training. From aviation and intercultural training to research and development, advocacy and a range of other support services it is the very core of our work to make Bible translation possible. Your gift to Core Mission Fund supports our entire ministry.
Steep, endless mountain ranges. Dense rainforest. Ocean waves as far as you can see. What do these areas have in common? Besides great beauty and evidence of God’s creative hand, they are where the remote, often forgotten people of the world live. And they’re all geographical barriers to Bible translators who desire to reach those people with God’s Word. JAARS has 70+ years of experience solving these transportation problems so that people living and working off the grid can focus on the work Go
Your gift can move Bible translation and Scripture distribution forward through the projects our partners need most. We often find great ways to help our partners around the world and can respond to their most pressing and strategic needs.These are usually projects that are crucial for Bible translation ands have a timing issue that requires immediate funding. We will post updates and photos to so you can see exactly how your gift helped Bible translation.
Joy El Ministries
The Released Time Bible Program ministers to public school students, offering biblical instruction for one hour a week during the school day. During the program, we have singing, a Bible lesson, and a small group time where we recite selected scripture passages. Donate today to help support this important ministry!
Jubal Band Ministries
Our vision is expanding God’s kingdom in Iran and all Farsi speakers in the Middle East by transforming their lives. Our heart is helping Iranian and Farsi speakers to grow in the knowledge of the Bible and Christian lifestyle and disciple and equip them to serve one another faithfully face to face and through media and taking believers from the milk of the word to the meet, and from religion to reality.
Kairos University
At Sioux Falls Seminary, we offer a Bible-focused curriculum, emphasis on spiritual formation, a deep sense of community and commitment to serving together, and hands-on ministry experiences for all students. Your gift will be multiplied many times over, and there is no telling how many lives will be impacted by your generosity.
Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Kentucky Mountain Bible College is a Bible-centered, undergraduate, higher education institution whose mission is to equip men and women to serve with: a passion to know God, a passion to prepare for His ministry, a passion to live and teach the message of biblical holiness, and a passion to evangelize and disciple the world for Christ.
Key Life Network
Key Life is committed to the teaching of Biblical life principles--the whole counsel of God--to those who want to live an authentic, relevant and balanced Christian life. Featuring the Bible teaching of Steve Brown--through radio broadcasts, seminars, CDs and publications--Key Life and Key Life of Canada seek to encourage Christians in their walk with Christ.
KIDs Beach Club
Beach Clubs are high energy, fun filled "kid centered" clubs that meet after school in public elementary schools. Beach Clubs incorporate the truth of scripture every time they meet. This allows the character words taught in school to be reinforced through the teaching of scripture. Beach Clubs are "connectors" that link a partnering church with an approved elementary school. KiDs Beach Club is the over-arching organizational umbrella allowing churches to have equal access to elementary schools.
Langham Partnership USA
Help bring the Scriptures to a new generation of Ethiopians. We want to give them a background that is biblically sound and culturally relevant. We need $1,075 for this project.
Leadership Catalyst dba Trueface
At Leadership Catalyst, we are teaching readers, leaders, and organizations the benefits of living authentic and humble lives. We teach this message through mentoring, speaking, and through print and online resources. Your donation will help us provide training on how to apply this message to the way they do their work, manage their teams and advance the cause of Christ to an ever increasing and diverse audience.
Leadership Ministries Worldwide
Leadership Ministries Worldwide has developed a Facilitator in Training (FiT) program to provide the necessary training and Outline Bible Resource materials which have been translated into the native language of national church leaders around the world. The FiT program will enable pastors and church leaders to clearly communicate the Word of God and reach their own countries with the Gospel. The FiT program is a catalytic reproducible model for evangelism and discipleship.
Least of These Carolinas
Least of These Carolinas' primary focus is on children/families in foster/kinship care. The Bags of Hope program provides duffel bags for children upon entrance into foster care. Bags are designed for each individual child and include a special note from one of our coordinators and an age appropriate Bible. These bags are just a start in restoring hope and giving back a piece of what the child has lost. Your donation helps provide this tangible source of love to children in need.
Liberty Ministries
Liberty Ministries exists to serve offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community by showing God’s love, providing practical assistance, and supporting biblical standards of justice.
LifeMark Ministries
At LifeMark Ministries, we believe the solution to America’s problems can be found in God’s Word. To that end, we are developing resources to engage and equip people to identify and meet today’s challenges from a Biblical perspective, leaning not on our own understanding, but on God’s. As we learn more about God and know Him more intimately, and live a life that reflects and honors Him, we can make an eternal mark.
Ligonier Ministries
Reformation Bible College is training and equipping today’s students to become tomorrow’s Christian leaders. Because RBC accepts no government funding, all annual costs must be raised through student tuition and donor support. Your gift will have a generational impact as it provides affordable student accommodations, a beautiful and thoughtfully integrated campus, and much-needed scholarship assistance and operational funding for RBC.
Living Proof Ministries
At Living Proof Ministries, we are providing sound biblical teaching and uplifting praise and worship through events around the country. Your contribution will help people discover and fully experience the truth for themselves.
Love Worth Finding Ministries
Love Worth Finding is bringing people to Christ and helping them to mature in the faith. This happens primarily through efforts in publishing and radio broadcasting. Your support will help us bring biblical truth to people all over the United States and the world.
Loving Grace Ministries
In our "Let's Talk About Jesus" Radio Program, listeners can hear our live, daily teaching and counseling programs on the radio or internet. They can pray for others and call in with questions or requests. Your financial support will help us cover everything from scripture lessons to counseling needs.
Lutheran Bible Translators
GOD’S WORD GIVES HOPE, LIFE, AND TRANSFORMATION. But without global partnership, generations will pass without Scripture in their own language. They will not experience the fullness it brings to their lives. God’s Word is more than words. Lutheran Bible Translators partners with local leaders around the world to launch Bible translation movements. We know God’s Word is for everyone, so we are committed to support these passionate leaders. When they are equipped with the resources, time, and cap
Man in the Mirror
We equip men who want to help disciple others with heart-oriented books, workbooks, and devotionals on topics such as marriage, fathering, spiritual disciplines, suffering, grace, leadership, work, and more.
Man in the Mirror
We help men explore the scriptures together by providing free access to hundreds of video Bible studies on our website. Every message includes downloadable handouts with discussion questions to help them apply the truth and wisdom of God’s word to their lives.
MAOZ Israel Ministries
Our studio in Jerusalem continues to record new and fresh music from the Land. We continue to provide professional-level training and publishing opportunities to believing Israeli musicians, singers, songwriters and engineers in our world-class studio. Fellowship of Artists, a collaboration where dozens of Israeli worship leaders and artists are gathering together from all over Israel for times of mentoring and refreshing, is continuing to grow and flourish.
MAOZ Israel Ministries
If an Israeli does not read another language, this limits his or her opportunity to partake of the wisdom God has given to His worldwide Body. In an effort to change that, we have translated and published a catalog of over 120 books, which have been distributed in 25 congregations and Bible bookstores throughout Israel. We continue to publish 5 - 10 books a year into Hebrew. We are now completing a Hebrew translation of The Chronological Bible--a bible Hebrew speakers will be able to read and
Media Associates International
We will equip leaders of two important Christian publishing houses in French-speaking Africa during training visits to CPE publishing house in Cote d'Ivoire and Press Bibliques Africaines (PBA) in Benin. Our goal is to help these publishers become financially self-sustaining and to publish more local authors who will build up the church and impact society in the 21 French-speaking countries of Africa.
Messenger International
We are raising money to provide 2,000 "Driven by Eternity" books in Tajikistan. These books will equip leaders in a country rebuilding from civil war with the eternity message. The total cost for these books is $4,500. Please donate today!
Messianic Vision
Now is the time for Jewish revival in America! That's why Sid Roth's Messianic Vision has launched its most important Jewish evangelistic project in history, Project 77. We have acquired the names and addresses of 2 million Jewish people in North America and we need your help to distribute Sid Roth's evangelistic book to these 2 million homes.
Miami International Seminary
Assist professors and students in the cost of writing and translating new curriculum. This also includes the cost of publishing selected manuscripts.
Miami International Seminary
MINTS is a Christian virtual learning environment and part of MINTS International Seminary's global solution to affordable and accessible theological education. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can take MINTS seminary courses from a secure dynamic website. Designed with challenging activities, online forums, data bases, and wikis, MINTS is a rich collaborative community of God centered, Biblical online learning.
Miami International Seminary
Help further the work of MINTS by making a donation today to help train and equip national believers to develop one another in a duplicable format, with little or no cost, high educational quality, and give a recognizable degree!
Middle East Bible Outreach
MEBO works closely with Middle Eastern Christian leaders on a multi-track mission to strengthen the witness of the Church in the Middle East. The family of ministries is six, locally-led, faith-based ministries united under the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development including the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Dar Manhal Al Hayat publishing house, the Beirut Baptist School, SKILD Center (Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences), Baptist Children and Youth Ministry.
Ministry Essentials Int'l
Workers can be so focused on working for God that they lose sight of their lives in God, becoming disconnected from Him and the people they serve. Ministry Essentials was started in 1996 to provide ESSENTIAL SUPPORT to the whole global worker ‘til Christi is formed in them.
Mission Eurasia
Through our Ministry to Unreached People, Mission Eurasia is training young Christian leaders to share the gospel with people in the most remote regions of Eurasia. By planting churches, distributing Scripture in various languages, and working with our local missionary partners, we are able to share God's Word with people who have no other access to it.
Mission Eurasia
Mission Eurasia is committed to providing copies of God's Word to the lost and hurting throughout Eurasia. By partnering with Bible translators and publishers, we are developing specially designed Bibles and other Scripture pieces for specific audiences, such as children, youth, and Muslims, in the various native languages of Eurasia. We also support and encourage young national authors in Eurasia to publish Christian literature through our Young Evangelical Authors Series.
Mission Metroplex
Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex began in 1986 as a way to meet the spiritual needs of unchurched people in Arlington, Texas. The first goal was to begin 5 Bible Studies in apartment communities and neighborhoods in one year. It has grown to 294 Bible Studies with 4,200 in attendance. Bibles are always needed along with resources of all kinds to help people get on their feet so they can care for their families.
Missions to Military
The concept of a Military Christian Center was developed early in WWII and evolved somewhat as a USO, but with a thorough Christian emphasis. The doors of a Center are open to all active Military personnel. Through the years, many have identified the Center as a “home-away-from-home.” Our facilities are free, the counseling by our competent staff is free, and the food is free. You can help support these centers by giving today.
Moms in Prayer International
Moms in Prayer International is currently in over 160 countries. With 67 translations of the Moms in Prayer booklet, there is a huge need to translate the booklet into more languages. Every year between 5-10 translations or updates are completed. Each new translation costs about $1500 to translate and produce.
Museum of the Bible
We invite you to become a partner of Museum of the Bible! You’ll show the world just how relevant and exciting the Bible really is, and you’ll do it in a truly spectacular format—unlike anything ever seen before. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an undertaking that has unparalleled potential to impact multitudes of people worldwide for generations to come. Your partnership will help to launch the single most extraordinary and powerfully effective expression of the Bible.
Narrow Gate EFL
We disciple with the message of freedom: freedom to live the abundant life; freedom to be all we are designed to be! Therefore, we invest our time, talents, and treasures in others, year after year, to consistently mentor, train, and coach disciples, and disciple-makers.
New Life Solutions
Passages of Hope groups provide a confidential and safe place where women who have experienced the pain of an abortion can be honest about their experiences and the emotional turmoil it has caused in their lives. In this non-judgmental, compassionate, loving environment, the healing process begins. Men's groups are also provided.
Oak Hills Fellowship
The purpose of Center for Indian Ministries is to strengthen the Native Church. Mokahum Ministry Center equips Native believers in a culturally relevant setting through biblical education, ministry training, and character formation.
OneHope’s Decide/Inside program provides a comprehensive, multi-media approach to help churches, ministries, and organizations connect, engage, mentor, provide community, and minister to juvenile offenders throughout North America so that they come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. With every dollar you give today, you can provide the Decide/Inside edition of the Book of Hope for three juvenile offenders.
OneHope is an international ministry that presents a biblical message of purpose and hope to children and youth around the world. In collaboration with churches and ministries – and working with local governments, schools and non-governmental organizations – OneHope has reached over one billion young people in over 125 countries with the Gospel message. Through research, the ministry has designed innovative models to help local churches and ministries engage young people with Scripture.
The Hosanna Plan’s “One Year for Jesus” program is distributing OneHope materials as local believers share the Gospel and plant new churches in unreached areas. Support for the program will provide OneHope resources including the Book of Hope in various editions and The GodMan film showings for children and youth in Russia. Every dollar given in support provides the Gospel for three young people.
OneHope’s ‘Form One’ program reaches Kenya’s young people in their first year of high school. With the Form One Book of Hope, a Christian teacher leads students through fundamentals of Christian faith. Support for Form One in Kenya will help provide a 32-page full-color Book of Hope designed to encourage young people to stay connected with God’s Word throughout their high school experience. A single dollar will reach three young people.
OnePassion Ministries
Our goal is to provide as many free audio, video, and written materials as possible while charging a minimal amount for other resources. Ministry donations are appreciated to further these efforts as we continue to provide complimentary resources. Thank you for your contribution to the ministry!
Open Doors International
We send Bibles and provide training to believers who are in the most dangerous areas in the world. With Open Doors, you can reach out to those in prison, help defend those without an advocate, and protect defenseless Christian families.
Operation Mobilization
In 1970, OM launched an innovative, international ship ministry. Since then, the ships, Logos, Logos II, Doulos and now Logos Hope, have welcomed over 39 million people in more than 497 cities in 155 nations. Since 1970: 50 million scripture portions have been distributed; 4.8 million people have attended conferences and other events on board; hundreds of tons of books donated; tens of thousands have come to faith in Christ.
There are less than 2000 shelter beds in Dallas. There are many more thousands of homeless individuals who won’t get into a shelter. With your faithful giving, prayer, and volunteer service, we can continue to reach the streets with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! To facilitate our calling, we need your time, talent, and treasure. Your donation will enable the distribution of blankets to the cold, food to the hungry, and the love of God to the hurting.
Ozark Christian College
Why did Jesus spend most of his three-year ministry training leaders? He knew “everything rises and falls on leadership.” With strong leaders, a movement flourishes. When leaders are lacking, a movement falters. With great crowds of lost people to reach, Jesus saw, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” (Matt 9:37). Jesus started his little Bible college of twelve because more kingdom leaders were needed. n 1942, a little band of believers in the Ozarks saw this need for more work
Panama City Rescue Mission
With 45 years of rebuilding and transforming lives in Bay and surrounding counties, the Panama City Rescue Mission (PCRM) is where homeless and hurting individuals seek solace in their time of need. We offer long-term help in the field of addiction recovery and transitional living. You can be a part of someone’s new foundation and life transformation. This is where you begin.
Pastors to Prisoners
Provide monthly support to an individual Yard Pastor who assists the prison's chaplain by conducting Sunday worship services, prayer meetings, Bible studies as well as ministering to the prisoner individually.
Peoria Rescue Ministries
Our long-term residential renewal program offers hope for women who have experienced abuse, incarceration, addiction, homelessness, and/or emotional and spiritual wounds. The Esther House program is available for women and women with dependent children. The program includes Bible study & classes that address personal issues, chapel services, mentoring, life skills development, and outside church participation. Esther House was established in 2004 as a part of Peoria Rescue Ministries.
Piedmont Women's Center
Support Piedmont Women's Center as we care for women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer a variety of free services and programs to meet our client needs including pregnancy tests, limited OB ultrasound and post abortion Bible study!
Pioneer Bible Translators
God’s Word is priceless. Yet today, 1,576 languages have no Scripture—not a paragraph, not a sentence, not even a word. One verse of Scripture is just $38. How many verses of Scripture could you provide?
Potter's House Association International
Thousands of children lack a personal relationship with Jesus. They need to know that in Him there is love and hope that will replace pain, desperation and misery. Your gift will allow one child to receive the good news of salvation.
Together we can mobilize individuals who are committed to disciple-making. Through your financial commitment, we can reach the goal to share the Word of God in communities throughout America and around the world in 2 ways: 1. Recruiting and mobilizing strategic business leaders to guide our key international offices and 2. Redeveloping our domestic Bible Study Leader training.
Presence Point
Believing that biblically-based leadership goes beyond service to include sacrifice, Presence Point equips leaders to intentionally live into their calling as shepherds in the lives of those they lead, in every walk of life. Join us as we partner with multipliers to do the same within their sphere of influence all over the world. Shepherding well changes everything!
Q Place
Most Christians don't know how to stir up meaningful conversations about God with people who believe differently. Q Place empowers Christians to incorporate simple practices into the pattern of their lives, so that they can engage people around them in discussions that are respectful, significant, and filled with discovery. Your financial gift will enable people to discover for themselves what is true about God and the Bible, and to come into a living relationship with Jesus.
Rescue Mission of Utica
The Rescue Mission serves individuals overcoming homelessness, abuse, addictions, and disabilities. Our programs provide safe lodging, food, clothing, case management, counseling, advocacy, education, referrals, spiritual and other supportive services. We endeavor to be a conduit for God’s love, grace, and mercy from which individuals can be healed, forgiven, and empowered.
Romanian Missionary Society
Through the orphans assistance ministry, the teachers aim to develop the social skills of orphans in Romania. We are ministering through Bible lessons, summer camps, foster care, and assisting needy families. Your financial support will help us as we continue ministering to these disadvantaged children.
Scripture Union, USA
The Bible Guide reserve is a small revolving reserve fund to insure the long-term ministry of Encounter With God and Discovery, which are Scripture Union’s two best-in-class Bible Reading Guides.
Scripture Union, USA
The Children’s Outreach Reserve is a small revolving reserve fund which is used to insure the long-term ministry of Scripture Union field-based children’s programs SuperKids® and PrimeTime®.
Scripture Union, USA
The Digital/Social Media Project is reinventing Bible engagement for a digital environment in order to engage a new generation with God’s Word, with a special emphasis on social media.
Scripture Union, USA
PrimeTime® Initiative reaches at-risk children with the Gospel and God’s Word in urban areas around the country. This program works in partnership with the Salvation Army.
Scripture Union, USA
The Scripture Union Fund is a Board-managed endowment for receiving estate gifts such as wills, stock, charitable gift annuities, property, business interests, complex gifts, etc.
Scripture Union, USA
SuperKids Outreach Missions is all about taking the love of Jesus to children, wherever they are. Churches use the SuperKids program and curriculum to reach out to children in their surrounding communities. The SuperKids curriculum gives simple, easy to follow lessons. Your financial support will help us share the good news to unreached children wherever they are.
Search Ministries
The Open Forum is a gathering of friends for the purpose of interacting on significant life and God issues. Normally, it takes place in a home or convenient daytime location for business and professional people and lasts for four weeks. The guests enjoy eating, meeting each other, laughing and sharing their thoughts. Your donation will help Search Ministries reach men and women searching for meaningful answers to life's tough questions. To donate, call (817) 968-3440.
We are creating quality interactive Bible studies. Currently we offer the Person of Jesus Study and A Praying Life. Each study has a companion book and seminar. Your financial support will help us continue to train people and lead group studies and seminars to show people Jesus.
Seek Partners International
Fresh and new translation from original biblical languages into Hindi for 430 million speakers and Punjabi for 100 million speakers of north India.
Send Hope Now
Homes for children. Outreach to communities. Provision for the sick and needy. Education for the next generation.
MediaServe is a division of ServeNow that focuses on designing and printing Bibles and evangelistic/discipleship resources in over 45 languages. With a strong focus on reaching the Jewish people, MediaServe’s mission is to “advance the kingdom of God by producing and distributing innovative Christian literature and other media materials. MediaServe has been pioneering Christian literature projects around the world for the past forty years.
Shine in the World Ministries
Our ultimate desire is to see the nations reached by any means possible! Whether it is through humanitarian projects, media, or ministering at conferences- we are passionate about bringing God’s love in any and every way we can.
Spoken Worldwide
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, T4 Global works around the world with partners who want to reach the billions of oral learners. Our supporters join a network of partners who donate their time, money, and talent to put their compassion into action for the people who need it most.
Spring of Water International Ministries
Our multimedia Bible study materials can help people “truly experience” the Bible. They can help Christians understand the Bible at a deeper level and can also be the best resources for personal growth and spiritual maturity. In churches and Christian gatherings, SOW’s multimedia Bible study materials can help Christians learn the biblical truths and build a solid foundation for their faith. They are also useful tools to train mission teams and Christian leaders.
Springfield Rescue Mission
Through the Detox and Prison Ministry, Springfield Rescue Mission goes into the local prison and detox centers to provide Bible studies, hope, and opportunities to the prisoners and patients. Please give today to support this life-changing program!
Stonecroft Ministries
Support Stonecroft Ministries as we equip and encourage women to impact their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Help us provide global leadership in reaching women.
Stoneybrooke Christian Schools
Stoneybrooke Christian Schools exists to provide a distinctive, biblically-based education in a nurturing environment through which students are instilled with godly character, inspired to excel, and prepared for a life of enduring commitment to Christ. It is our vision that our graduates have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, are intellectually prepared for higher learning, and demonstrate godly character and thinking in their daily lives.
Strategic Angel Care
Strategic Angel Care (SAC Orphans) can purchase Bibles in Russia so that we can bring them to the children when we visit the ministry sites. We also have sources in Estonia to distribute Bibles. If you would like to make a designated gift for Bibles for Orphans, please visit our website, hit the "Make a Donation" button and designate your gift. You can also send a check and write BIBLES on the memo line.
Synergie Francophone
This French Sunday School material is designed and written for French-speaking African countries and tested in a variety of African churches. Each book is A4 in size, and has 26 lessons, covering a 6-month time period. Each lesson contains an objective, introduction, Bible story, memory verse, application, expression, and short worship time with suggested songs. Consider making a contribution today for publishing Sunday School Curriculum for Africa!
Talking Bibles
Our mission stems from a strong conviction that everyone in the world needs access to the Bible. The purpose of Talking Bibles is to give non-readers and the blind access to the Bible in their native language. Our mission is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by producing audio recordings of translated Scriptures in hundreds of languages and making these recordings accessible in the form of Talking Bibles for millions of people around the world who cannot read.
The Antioch Partners
The Antioch Partners is a missionary sending agency which partners with local Presbyterian churches in the US in sending followers of Jesus to participate in God’s mission in the world. Those serving through The Antioch Partners (TAP) have been called by God to long-term, cross-cultural ministry and they are engaged in many aspects of Kingdom work, including: inviting people to follow Jesus, social justice, discipleship, supporting church-planting movements, and leadership development.
The Brooklyn Tabernacle
The Brooklyn Tabernacle is a multicultural, non-denominational Protestant church located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. It began with a handful of members in a small, rundown building in a difficult area of Brooklyn, New York City, over 50 years ago. Today it is a congregation of about 10,000 people who attend the weekly services, serve in nearly 40 ministries, and support missionaries in over 14 countries.
The Christian Relief Fund
CRF knows that the eternal hope for humanity is Jesus Christ. We have given thousands of Bibles to people in Africa and Eastern Europe who previously did not have one of their own. Give today and help us share the gospel of Christ with those in need!
The Encouraging Word
Each quarter, we distribute approximately 7,500 print copies of The Daily Encouraging Word, a daily devotional magazine. TDEW is our most requested resource, and is provided free of charge to anyone who requests it. Several thousand are mailed quarterly to inmates and prison chaplains to encourage believers and non-believers "behind the walls" of institutions across the US. Each issue costs The Encouraging Word roughly $2.00 to print and distribute; please help us support and GROW this vital m
The Enlighten Foundation
The Enlighten Foundation is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to educating and empowering women worldwide through programming that includes personal growth, community service and global missions.
The Evangelical Free Church of America
EFCA GATEWAY is a unique, language-specific theological course of study for pastors and leaders, including ethnic, urban and other non-traditional students. GATEWAY is designed for leaders who need theological and pastoral training, but lack the time and resources to access traditional seminary education.
The Gideons International
People need the hope that only God’s Word can provide. God guarantees that His Word will touch lives. By providing Bibles through The Gideons, lives will be changed. There are more than nine million people in prisons around the world. A gift of God's Word may be the only way many of these prisoners will learn that God loves them and that they can be forgiven. Your donations will help give the hope of God’s Word!
The Jackson Institute
We are committed to the vigorous pursuit of truth and offer many venues and resources for those who are seeking satisfying answers to life’s most challenging questions. Through engaging discussions, mentoring relationships, strategic training, lectures, and recommended readings, we seek to foster life transformation in Christ as a passionate response to the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, and the Cultural Mandate. Partner with us to engage all we are for the glory of God!
The Path of Citrus County
One of the most important ways to give is financially. Help The Path continue to provide warm meals, clothing, safe shelter, and New Life programs through our rescue mission, Path Farm, and our many feeding partners in the community.
The Urban Alternative
The Tony Evans Training Center (TETC) will facilitate educational programming that embodies the ministry philosophy of Dr. Tony Evans as expressed through the kingdom agenda's five core subjects: Theology, Individual, Family, Church and Society. Completing these courses will equip and prepare students to serve through the church or non-profit setting in a spirit of excellence and accuracy. A course resource index and course development plan has been completed. Courses are being developed.
The Voice of the Martyrs
Christians residing in restricted nations are often denied access to Bibles. They are considered illegal or can be extremely difficult to obtain. VOM prints Bibles in the languages of the countries where we work and smuggles them to believers who would otherwise never have an opportunity to read God's Word. VOM also provides New Testaments, children's Bibles, study Bibles and digital Bibles. Audio Bibles are distributed to those who cannot read.
The Word for the World
The Word for the World affords those who are called to Bible translation the opportunity to obtain practice-oriented training. The program provides training for all the different participants involved in the translation process. It is designed in such a way that it allows for early involvement in the Bible translation process. Your financial support will further the work of God's Kingdom! Give today!
Theodyssey Group
The Legacy Fund was established in September 2008 to fund the development of curriculum. Initial gifts helped us to create a lasting revenue stream with our curriculum which, through future sales, will multiply the original amount given many times over. On occasion we have capital fund campaigns to take next steps as a ministry. If you are interested in partnering with us for growth initiatives, please email us at
Theological Book Network
We believe that well-trained Christian leaders are vital for the church to thrive and God's mission to the world flourish. Theological Book Network helps schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East access biblical and theological resources needed to train local pastors, teachers, leaders, and missionaries. "So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be
Thunder Mountain Church
Expand our ability to reach out, touch lives, and grow people to know, love, and serve Jesus TODAY!
TIME Ministries
TIME pairs short-term missionaries with national pastors and churches to change lives and bring hope through construction projects, evangelism opportunities and discipleship programs. Whether helping to build a new church, performing a puppet show in a local park, or personally connecting one-on-one with nationals, individuals and groups can truly make a difference through TIME’s short-term mission trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Your donation helps make these programs possible.
To Every Tribe
To Every Tribe exists to extend the worship of Christ among all peoples by mobilizing the church, training disciple-makers, and sending missionary teams to plant churches among the unreached.
Trail Life USA
Trail Life USA is a Christian adventure, character, and leadership movement for young men. The K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers. Our vision is to be the premier national character development organization for young men which produces Godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens.
Trinity Center for World Mission
Trinity Center for World Mission opened a new school in Uganda in October, Trinity Biblical Institute. The school has approximately 200 students who will attend 16 courses over the next four years. 20 pastors from the U. S. will assist 5 or more African pastors in an effort to train Christian leaders and to teach Christ’s disciples to obey all that He has commanded. TBI has two campuses, one in Kapchorwa and one in Gulu. Thank you for your support of our ministry!
Tyndale Bible Translators
TBT is a small, non-denominational, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit missions organization. We exist to help Translate the Bible in any language possible.
UFM Worldwide USA
Our Lord’s command to “Go and make disciples of all nations” is as urgent today as it was when he first gave it to the apostles. There are more unevangelised people in the world in the 21st century than there were in the 1st century. Countries in which Gospel churches were established in past centuries are now more or less devoid of Christian witness. We are committed to bringing the Gospel to unevangelised people wherever they are to be found.
Unabridged Truth
We engage in strategic initiatives with Bible societies, translators, churches, Bible schools, seminaries, and other ministries designed to get the Bible to those who don’t yet have it. And for those who do, we provide engaging materials and interactive Bible experiences in which the Scriptures are memorably illuminated. At Unabridged we are driven by the desire to ignite a lifelong passion for the Bible among all people.
Open Bible Stories is our first step in making unrestricted Biblical content available for free to the church. Comprising 50 carefully chosen stories from Creation to Revelation, it is an excellent mini-Bible for churches where Biblical content is scarce. Can be translated in six weeks or less. Open licensed so any Christian may translate it into his own mother tongue without jumping through permission hoops or waiting for another organization to do it for him.
Urban Youth Collaborative
Urban Youth Collaborative (UYC) is a coalition of 56 church partners that support student-led faith clubs and motivational assemblies. We believe in the limitless potential and irreplaceable value of every young person and want to see them achieve their full God-given potential. We dream of a day when young leaders across America will gather in student-led campus clubs to live out their dreams of a better future for their friends, families, and communities.
Veritas Foundation
The Veritas Foundation joined Pastor Peter Moiba of Sierra Leone, West Africa, to build a church! God gave us land through Peter's cousin, and He led us to a construction company owned by Peter's uncle! We pray this church will inspire hundreds in Peter's community to give their lives to Jesus!
Vietnam Ministries
Vietnam Ministries is working to provide the Vietnamese people with access to the Bible, study guides and education that help them mature and bring others to Christ. We are publishing, (in print, video, audio and CD-ROM disks), Bibles, books, and other materials to meet the needs of Vietnamese Christians in 70 countries. Your financial support helps many Vietnamese people have access to the Bible.
Village Schools of the Bible
Your gift allows the disadvantaged in the USA, Africa and Asia to take our courses.
Vision Beyond Borders
Vision Beyond Borders is a testament to God’s faithfulness and provision, His perfect love reaching down to those in need. In the midst of the oppression, violence and persecution of this dark world, we deliver the light and truth of the Word of God. Our travels lead us into Muslim, Communist and other nations closed to the Gospel. We seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the oppressed, in obedience to the Great Commission.
Voice of China and Asia Missionary Society
There is no legal Bible distribution system among the forgotten millions of Christians in rural China. In the hands of a rural Chinese believer, a Bible will touch up to four people, who in turn, will lead two more to Christ. For each gift of $5, your donation purchases, transports, and provides on-site verification of a Bible. We invite qualifying sponsors to travel with us on short-term mission distribution trips to witness the miracle of the arrival of God's Word in rural China.
Voice of China and Asia Missionary Society
Over 90% of China's rural preachers work in a lay capacity having no form of training or study materials. The Voice of China and Asia purchases legally printed 2,000 page Study Bibles and trains rural preachers to use cross-references, Bible notes, timelines, maps, and concordance. Pastors are then taught to assemble sermons in a four-step process using their newly gained skills. At a cost of $25 each, Chinese Pastor's Study Bibles contain material equivalent to one year of Bible school.
Walk Thru the Bible Ministries
Your contribution will help create, produce, translate, and distribute biblical resources so that anyone who hungers to understand God's Word can share the joy experienced by this young man from Africa: "I have always been overwhelmed at even attempting such a feat as reading the whole Bible. Yesterday I finished reading the book of Genesis. I was so happy because that was the first time I had read an entire book of the Bible and truly understood it."
Way Cool Angels
It’s amazing to travel throughout this wonderful world and discover new places and meet people from all different backgrounds. Wonderful World includes other WayCool Programs within each place helping to develop meaningful international relationships, experience diverse cultures and specific historical training. We offer the opportunity to be part of a worldwide community. Tucked inside many countries are interesting and charming places that many of us typically do not have the opportunity to e
Westminster Seminary California
Westminster Seminary California (WSC) is a Christian institution seeking to glorify God through graduate theological study. Its primary responsibility is to educate future pastors for Christian churches, especially for Presbyterian and Reformed denominations. It also provides theological education for others who will serve in the Christian community and the larger society.
White Fields
Providing education is an important way to help the children in destitute and impoverished communities to grow out of their poverty. Providing Bible Training to young leaders will allow more churches to become established in the next generation. Both of these goals are being accomplished in our Bible School Ministry.
Word of God, Speak!
WGS is committed to presenting the truth of God’s word as the foundation upon which to build everything in life. This is done in three phases: advancing life change, building a biblical worldview, and connecting people to the “Big Story” of the gospel. Through teaching God’s Word and storytelling using radio, live training, and books, God has opened doors to reach people around the world. Your faithful giving helps us to build up the Church and reach those who have never heard about Jesus.
World Compassion Terry Law Ministries
In 2010 World Compassion Terry Law Ministries began distributing Farsi Bibles and "The Story of Jesus" booklets in Iran. For $7.20 we can print and distribute a Farsi Bible to believers in Iran who have not had access to much needed Bible resources. "The Story of Jesus" 16-page, full color 'printed preacher' salvation message costs only 18 cents each to print and distribute to those in need in Iran. We have placed over 60,000 Farsi Bibles into Iran as of January 2016.
World Compassion Terry Law Ministries
Since 2006 we have distributed over 45,000 pairs of children's and youth athletic style shoes along with a Bible and The Story of Jesus booklets in Iraq. These evangelism tools have helped open the door for us to reach young and old alike. Our goal is reaching as many children and youth as possible so that we can change hearts to change homes to change regions and ultimately nations.
World Compassion Terry Law Ministries
For nearly 25 years World Compassion has printed and distributed The Story of Jesus booklets in more than 70 languages or dialects. This 16 page colorfully illustrated booklet presents the Gospel in a very simple yet compelling way. Over 27 million copies have been printed and distributed. At an average cost of just 18 cents each, The Story of Jesus booklet is one of the most powerful and cost effective evangelism tools available. We use these booklets in the Middle East and Asia.
World Gospel Mission
It is a challenge to be a woman of Christian faith—no matter which country you call home. Biblically-based conferences equip virtuous women to raise their children, relate to their husbands, and become holy women of God. Provide this opportunity for Ugandan women with $36 to fund one woman’s conference costs or $900 to underwrite an entire conference. Project #21345 $36 per attendee $900 per conference
World Gospel Mission
It's hard to learn without a guide. Many Kenyans are thirsty to know more about God but they lack the necessary textbook - a Bible. A donation of $10 will give someone in Kenya a much needed Bible. Project # 21170 $10
World Gospel Mission
For much of the 20th century, religion was highly restricted and monitored by the government of communist Hungary. Now Christians are free to worship in the open. Hungarians are experiencing a great thirst for translated Christian books. End the drought. Each $600 you raise covers a translation cost, and each additional $6 pays for the printing of one copy of a book. Project #31454 $600 (to translate a book) $6 (to print a book)
World Help
Having access to God’s Word in its most strategic and culturally effective forms is one of the biggest challenges facing the global church today. World Help is passionate about meeting this need by providing Bibles, New Testaments, and other coveted forms of Christian literature to millions of believers, many of whom suffer persecution because of their faith.
World Mission
Zoe Waters shares both physical water and the living water of Jesus Christ with those with limited or no access to clean water and the gospel. We provide strategically located clean water solutions to meet the basic physical need for clean water. This creates a trust that opens the door to share the gospel message in the native language through various technological methods.
World Mission Outreach
World Mission Outreach exists to Proclaim the Gospel, Equip the Next Generation, and Mobilize the Church. We are an evangelistic mission bringing the Gospel of Jesus to all people, Jews and Gentiles, and working with and for the local church for the follow up and discipleship. We are dependent on God’s provision for the Mission through the prayer and financial support of fellow believers.
World Relief
Children are frequently the most vulnerable, overlooked people group on the planet. To join them in their time of need we implement Child Development programs, where children of all backgrounds are placed in clubs with trained Christian mentors to learn valuable lessons about life, identity, health, hygiene and safety.
World Team USA
Papua has over 250 languages, but only 3 have a complete Bible translation. Others have just the New Testament, or a number of gospels. Many are still unwritten and have no scripture in their own language. While Indonesian is the official language, spoken as a second language by many, experience has shown that people’s hearts respond to the message of the gospel much more significantly if they can hear and read it in their own heart language. Call 800.967.7109 x37.
World Team USA
What would you pay to have one verse of Scripture in your own language? $10? That’s roughly the cost to prepare one verse for publication. The Gospel of Luke and the book of Genesis are complete and printed. Acts needs a few checks before typesetting. Translation of Matthew and Mark are underway. Encourage 10 friends to each support one verse, or set a group goal to raise $850 and support the work of nine translators for an entire month!
Wycliffe Bible Translators
In this project, local translators will work to produce the entire New Testament in five languages — Atte, Enwan, Etsako, Ikhin and Uneme. They will also record Scripture in audio format, dub the “JESUS” film and develop literacy materials.
Wycliffe Bible Translators
The work of Wycliffe goes forward through the ministry of missionaries who are dedicated to the task of translating God’s Word. You can help ensure that our dedicated missionaries around the world are able to do the work God has called them to do.
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Millions of people are still waiting for God’s Word in a language that speaks to their hearts. The Worldwide Projects Fund provides the opportunity to partner with Bible translation projects around the world and help ensure that critical projects do not have to slow down or stop due to lack of funding. Instead, project teams are able to continue working, giving people access to God’s Word in a language they clearly understand.
Youth Haven
Help Youth Haven in a Bible Distribution program! Distribution of Trailbooks (New Testaments) is one of the most important aspects of the children's program at Youth Haven, as it helps us achieve our primary goal of reaching disadvantaged youth for Christ. Since many of the boys and girls who come to visit Youth Haven do not have Bibles of their own, the Trailbook is an important method for teaching them while they are here, as well as after they leave.
YWAM Ships Kona
YWAM Ships Kona utilizes ocean-going medical and training vessels to reach isolated communities throughout the Pacific and Caribbean. We seek to advance the Kingdom of God and fulfill the Great Commission by providing health care, clean water technology, community health education and Bible distribution. Your donation will help equip YWAM Ships Kona to reach the most unreached and make a difference in someone’s life.